Angela had a life of misery since her parents died in the car accident. It didn't help that she got bullied in school and her boyfriend would beat her when ever he had the chance!

Only one person will be able to turn her life around into the right direction.


9. Chapter 8

As he said that I was already being dragged by my bestie's out of the hospital.

"Girls your making harder for me to walk without hurting myself" as I said in frustration.

"Oh sorry girl" apologized KC.

"It's alright. Now let's go get purdy" screamed Kat. Her and her love of being purdy. As they helped me get ready for the concert I found out Blake is here. Just as my eyeshadow was being put on Blake grabbed me and threw me against the wall in front of my bestie's 'why. Why now and before the concert' I thought to myself. A small whimper escaped my lips before everything went black.

"Oh My God Angel are you okay?" Questioned Willow.

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