Angela had a life of misery since her parents died in the car accident. It didn't help that she got bullied in school and her boyfriend would beat her when ever he had the chance!

Only one person will be able to turn her life around into the right direction.


7. Chapter 7

"OMG how many tickets do you have!" I screamed. 'I hope it's 4' I thought to myself.

"I got 5 tickets so you, KC, Kat, Willow, and Blake can go" he said stating what he had.

"OMG we're going to the ONE DIRECTION CONCERT" me and my bestie's screamed at the same time. Then I realized Blake is coming.

"Angela you are now released" said the doctor popping his head in.

"Okay....um can some one get me my crutches though" I said calmly.

"Oh! Yea sorry about that sis" Tyler said trying to hide the embarrassment.

"Thank you Ty" I said while hugging him.

"Angel it's fine but you should go get ready for the concert with your friends" he said grinning.

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