Angela had a life of misery since her parents died in the car accident. It didn't help that she got bullied in school and her boyfriend would beat her when ever he had the chance!

Only one person will be able to turn her life around into the right direction.


2. Chapter 2

I woke up this morning to water being poured on my face and laughing. 'Yep that is my brother for ya'.

"I'm up!" I said nearly yelling and jolting up.

"Get outta and ready before your late for school" he said while still laughing.

"Fine" I said annoyed.

"Oh and I may have a surprise for you when you get home after school" he said with excitement in his voice.

I tuned to him and said "Really! What is it!" While squealing.

"I'm not telling you until after school" he said smirking.

I sighed and walked to get ready. "Tyler get out of my room if you want me to get on time" I yelled at him.

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