4. you're ill

#Your ill


'Ah tue' you sneezed again and groaned,"bless you baby" Zayn said and got you another tissue, you groaned and cuddled closer to him.

"Arrrr my poor baby" Zayn said kissing your head, you hated being ill it was horribal but you did like the attention Zayn gave you. At the moment you were sat on the sofa on Zayns lap, wrapped in a blanket and watching TV with tissues and orange juice.You sighed and looked up at Zayn, "i hate being ill" you said and he chuckled, "we all do angle but as soon as your better we can go out" he smiled, he started to sing little things and you yawned, "i love you" you mumbled and he smiled, "i love you to (y,n)" he said, "go to sleep" he smiled and stroked your head.


You layed in bed and groaned, "Liam" you yelled, you heard the creaking of the stairs and Liam ran in. "You ok angel" he asked, "can you get me some water or somthing" you asked. "Of course" he smiled and covered you more with the blanket before running down stairs and coming back up with a glass of water quicker that you can say 'One direction' "here you go" he smiled and you sat up and took the glass."Thank you" you said and gulped it down, "anything else" he asked sweetly. You stuck your arms out and he laughed, "cuddle" you said and he climbed into the bed. "Your be better soon babe" he smiled and kissed your head.


"Bless you angle, oh bless you......opps bless you" Niall smiled as you sneezed over and over again. You giggled and smiled at him, he could always cheer you up, even when you felt this bad. "Come here princes"he said and opened his arms. You climbed over to him and into his arms, "My little princess, your be ok, just a few sneezes i no you will be brave" he sang in his thick Irish voice, you giggled again and snuggled closer, "love you" he said and you smiled, "love you too"


"Dont worry (y,n) superman is here" he yelled running into the living room in only his superman top and pink boxers with lips on. You laughed then groaned and held your head, "Come on carrot pincess, you will be ok im here" he said and sat besides you on the sofa pulling you into his chest. "i know Lou Lou" you sighed, "Try and sleep angle" he said and you closed you're eyes.


"Angle cakes" Harry yelled, he walked through the door and looked at you, "any better" he asked, you shook your head and he sat down next to you "l'll get some films and we can cuddle and watch some TV ok" he said, you nodded and he pulled out, Letters to Juliet, Brides maids and Twilight, you  pointed to Twilight and he sighed, " was hoping it would be anything else but as your not well, fine" he said, you smiled and he put it in. About half way through the movie you fell asleep and Harry took you upstairs and tucked you in.


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