10. You're first kiss


#Your first kiss


"Zayn" you giggled as he tickled you, he was laying on top of you on the sofa tickling you like mad, "Yes baby" he grinned, "stop" you wined but he shook his head

"What do i get in return" he smirked, "What ever you want" you giggled clawing at his hands that tickled you.

"How about a kiss" he asked stopping for a moment looking still playful but also serious.

You looked at him shocked, you had been dating for a few days but hadn't kissed yet.

You bit your lip nervously before nodding you head, a bright smile appeared on his lips and he slowly leaned in meeting you half way.

You lips touched and sparks flew everywhere whilst your lips moved in sync, his hands stayed on your waist firmly as your sneaked around his neck.

Finally puling away he smiled resting his head against yours, "that was the best kiss i have ever had" he smiled.

You smiled and leaned up giving him small gentle peck, "the best" you smiled


You and your best friend Liam were taking a walk along the sea front, it was a warm day, the sun was smiling and a small breeze kept your body just perfect.

Liam leaned against sea wall looking nervous as ever, "whats wrong" you questioned.

He scratched the back of his neck and looked down, "i need to tell you something and i dont know how your going to react" he said in a quiet tone.

You frowned not quite sure what he could possably say that would upset you or anything.

"Well" you said implying for him to carry on, "" hye mumbled lost for words.

"Never mind" he sighed, you hated it when people did that, it bugged you and you were too curious now to find out what he was going to say.

"No what" you asked, "nothing dont worry" Liam sighed, "Liam" you groaned, "just leave it" he sighed.

"Liam please just tell me i hate it when people do th-" "Leave it" he said sternly, raising his voice slightly.

You were shocked and not all to pleased, "fine" you muttered and stormed away.

"(Y,N) come on im sorry" he called after you, "no" you snapped loosing your tempure.

"You want me to shut up i will" you snapped not dare looking back to him. "Come on (Y,N) im sorry just stop" he yelled a little louder following you.

"No" you snapped being your stubbon self, you suddenly felt a hand grasp your arm yanking you back, before you could protest, a pair of soft pump lips touched yours.

You were in shock for a moment, not sure how to react but you found yourself tugging him closer.

Finally pulling away, you breathed heavily starring up into his big brown eyes.

It was silent for a moment before he spoke up, "I didn't know how to put it into words" he smiled and you chewed your lip nervously.

That was yours and Liams first kiss and it was incredible.


"(Y,N) SHHHHHHH" Louis yelled hushing you, you were cuddled up watching a film for your third date but you kept laughing at the funny parts.

"Not my thought its funny" you giggle and Louis rolled his eyes, "your a pain in the butt" he joked.

You fake sulked pouting your lip and looked away from his gaze, "awe im sorry (Y,N) forgive me" he begged but you shook your head.

"Im sorryyyyyyyyyyyy" he wined over and over again but you ignored him.

"So your giving me the silent treatment" he said raising an eye brow, you had to hold back the laughs you wanted to spill so badly.

"Well then what can i do to make you talk" he questioned, 'genius Louis' you thought 'im giving you the silent treatment and your asking me what to do to make me stop'.

"If i take you on another date will you" he asked but you shook your head, "if i....gave you a massage" he smiled widely but you shook your head.

"What about if i kissed you" he asked, your heart seamed to stop at his words, ever so slowly your head nodded as you looked to him shyly.

He chuckled before cupping your cheeks and slowly leaning in, sparks flew as your lips met making your insides fill fuzzy.

He pulled away after a while, a soft smile on his face, "that" you whispered.

"Was amazing" you finished a wide smile on your lips.


You were at a party, having fun and being a teenager, at the moment everyone had decided to sit down and play truth or dare.

The dares were hysterical for the audience but not quite great for the person doing what ever it was but the truths were embarrassing and well thought out.

So when it came to your turn, you made the cautious decision of a dare.

It was well thought out, people crowded in a small circle, deciding on what it was going to be until one spoke.

"We dare you to kiss Harry" they snickered, your heart seamed to beat a thousand times faster.

Harry, as in Harry Styles, only the boy you have had the biggest crush on since kindergarten.

The curly haired boy makes his way over to you and gives a light smile, "ready love" he asked and you slowly nod filling your cheeks heat up.

He smiles before slowly leaning in, his pump lips touched yours making butterfly's in your stomach.

You expected him to pull away after a few seconds but he didn't, he kept it long and lingering, longer than needed in fact.

After he finally pulled away he gave a small wink before returning to his seat.

That was it your first kiss with Harry, it sorta didn't count because it was a dare but it did in your eyes.

At the end of the party, your mood was very different, you had a taste of your dream life but now its gone forever.

You were miserable, upset and hopeless, you and Harry would never be anything else.

Which is why when he came up to you after the party, you were completely shocked, he asked for your number as if he could take you on a date.

Who knew a dare could complete your dream.


You and your boyfriend Niall were walking through the mall, you had only be dating for two days and he had decided to take you out.

You were having fun, joking and playing around, the day was great until you ran into your ex.

"(y,n)" he said happily giving you a hug, you awkwardly reacted and Niall frowned as you pulled away, "Niall this is (y,ex,n) my ex" you mumbled and he nodded slowly.

Your ex started to go on about how he miss you and that you need to catch up, right in front of Niall, like he wasn't even there.

Niall was starting to get angry, you could tell, you squeezed his hand and smiled at him.

Your ex was still going on about what ever, when suddenly you felt Niall's lips against yours.

You were shocked, you and Niall had never kiss before this and you didn't know what to do until finally you wrapped your arms around his neck.

The kiss was long and sweet and it made your skin tingle, finally pulling away.

You looked deeply into Nialls eyes, he was smiling down at you, by now your ex had completely shut up, a look of pure shock on his face.

"Nice meeting you bye now" Niall said and turned you away from him as you walked off, you couldn't help but let a giggle escape and he smiled at you giving your lips a small peck.

Your first kiss with him couldn't have been better. 


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