8. You work for him but you hate him

#You work for him but you hate him


You sighed walking into the studio for another day or work, you were one directions stylist and they were all sweet except Harry.

You hated him, his attitude , everything, but the main thing was girls.

You hated how he used them everyday his tongue would be down a new girls throat, it disgusted you .

And he expected you to be one of them girls, he was always flirting with you, but you refused to be just another one night stand towards him. Despite his good looks.

You walked into the room where all the boys sat on a big sofa watching TV, it was a huge room, people everywhere, it was there dressing rooms.

"Aye (Y,N)" Zayn greeted, "Hay (Y,N)" Louis said after, "Alright (Y,N)" Liam said and Niall tried to say hi but failed as his mouth was stuffed with crisps.

"Hiya" you smiled, you looked around and frowned, "where's Harry" you asked, all the other boys mumbled something and turned around back to the TV.

You looked at Liam who was the only one still facing you and he pointed behind you, you turned around and saw him against the wall snogging some girl.

You rolled your eyes and walked over to where all the boys clothes were picking some out for them to wear for their interview later.

"Boys come on i need to sort out the clothes" I yelled and they all groaned standing up and walking over apart from Harry, who was still snogging the girl.

"I'll get him" Zayn mumbled, he walked over to Harry grabbing his hair and pulling him backwards, breaking him apart from the girl.

"Ow ow ow ow ow" Harry kept repeated as Zayn dragged him over by the hair.

You giggled as he let go of Harrys hair and looked up at you winking, Harry frowned at Zayn then looked to you then back to Zayn.

"What" he snapped at Zayn, "clothes time" he shrugged, Harry glared and looked at you a smirk forming on his face.

You rolled your eyes and picked out the clothe giving them to the boys to try on.

Later on when you were packing up your bits ready to go home someone suddenly spun you around and smashed there lips to yours.

You were in shock, you couldn't see who it was because they were to close but for some reason you kissed them back.

Finally pulling away you were looking up into the eyes of none other that Harry Styles, "you" you spat giving him a nasty glare.

"Be mine" he suddenly said.

"agh" you groaned and turned around walking out.

*2 weeks later*

Things were very different the last few weeks ever since you kissed Harry, you found that he was never with any other girls now and never pushed his luck with you.

You walked into the studio and the boys were on the sofa as usal watching TV.

"Hay" you smiled walking in, "hay" they all said starring at the TV apart from Harry who turned around and smiled at you.

You sighed and knew you were gonna regret this but you went along with it, "Harry can i speak to you in private. 

His nodded and stood up walking to another room with you, "look Harry you remember that kiss-" "yes" he said instantly.

"" you mumbled when he suddenly smashed his lips against yours Again.

You froze but couldn't help but kiss him back, he was a good kisser.

He pushed you against the wall and when you finally pulled apart for air, he rested his head against yours, "please be mine (y,n), i know you wont believe me but i promise i will never hurt you" he whispered.

"Harry I-" "Please" he begged, you closed your eyes and nodded, "just don't hurt me" you whispered and he smiled and kissed you again.

And Harry did keep his promise, you started to date and were happy together, he changed so much just for you!


You sat in a seat listening to the boys singing there new song 'Best Song Ever'.

You are one directions hair stylist and you waiting for them to finish rehearsing so you could get them ready for there show in a few hours.

They finished up and Simon smiled, "good work boys now go get ready" he said and you got up and walked to the dressing rooms, they got changed into the their clothes then walked out to me.

Niall jumped into the chair first and you smiled at him, "ready irish boy" you smiled and he nodded, you did his hair, then Liam, then Louis, then Harry, then the one you dreaded most Zayn.

You groaned as he walked over with that annoying smirk plastered on his face.

You hated Zayn, his  cockiness, annoying smirk and the fact that he was always flirting with you, he was trouble and you wanted nothing to do with him.

He smirked as he sat down in the chair in front of you, "looking sexy as always babe" he grinned, you scoffed and began to do his hair.

"I wonder how sexy you would look in my bed" he smirked, "enough" i said and put down the comb and hair gel i had in my hands.

"I cant stand you" i snapped, "really" he smirked standing up towering over you, you gulped and looked up at him, it was much better when he was sat down and you towered over him.

"because i grantee if i got you in my bed you would be creaming my name alright" he smirked stepping forward.

You looked left and right and no one was around, "to bad we will never find out" you said and quickly walked away from him and to your hair products portending to look at some.

"And why is that" he asked from behind me making me jump, "because i-i have a boyfriend" you said thinking on the spot.

He scoffed and shook his head, "sure you do, i wonder if hes here, hello imaginary boyfriend" he chuckled, "he is real" you protested.

"Really" he scoffed, "Yes Alex" you answered smiling, Alex was your best friend and you too started off likeing each other and got together for about half a year but found you were better off as friends.

So technically you weren't lying he had been you boyfriend...once.

"Really then why don't you bring him along to the show to night" he smirked, "i will" you said smugly.

*Later on at the concert*

"So i just have to pretend im your boyfriend" Alex asked, "Yep especially in front of Zayn" i smiled and he nodded.

He sat down on the sofa and soon the boys came in laughing about something, Zayn looked at you and smirked then looked at Alex and frowned.

"Hay (y,n) whos this" Niall asked, "boys this is my boyfriend Alex" i smiled and he stood up and wrapped an arm around my waist.

"Hi" he smiled, "Alex this is Niall, Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn" i said pointing to each one.

They all said Hi and properly introduced them selves to him apart from Zayn, he stayed quiet at the back.

You smirked and felt quite happy with yourself, Alex was a really good looking guy so that just made it better.

*After the concert*

"ZAYN what is wrong with you, people pay to watch you sing not die in a whole" Simon said angrily, Zayn had completely blown the concert, his singing was dreadful and he looked so miserable the whole time.

"sorry" he mumbled and walked ahead, when he passed you he looked up for a minute into your eyes then carried on. You felt a little guilty as you knew it was all because of Alex and you but then you thought 'no he deserves it' and sighed.

It was strange because when they headed back to the dressing rooms, Zayn started to talk with Alex, they were laughing and joking and it confused you.

You thought Zayn would hate him, you starred at them from across the room when suddenly Zayns eyes met yours. You jumped slightly and starred at him.

That same smirk returned to his face, oh God this cant be good, i quickly turned around and looked away.

After about an hour Alex had gone back home and you were now grabbing your back and walking out of the studio, it was freezing and you had to walk home so you hurried on.

Half way it began to rain and you groaned, a car suddenly pulled up and the window rolled down to revile Zayn.

"get in" he ordered, "sure" you scoffed and carried on walking, "you will get a cold i suggest you get in" he said raising an eye brow. You ignored him and carried on, "come on im only giving you a ride" he said, you gave up and climbed in.

he smirked and drove to my house dropping me off, "thanks" you mumbled and went to open the door but he grabbed your chin and crashed his lips to yours.

You froze and he pulled away, he smirked at you and chuckled, "best friend and boyfriend are two different things" he smirked refereeing to Alex. You mentally cursed then looked up into his eyes, "give me one date" he said, "never in a million years" you scoffed and opened the door and climbed half out but he pulled you back in.

"One date and i swear if you still haven't changed your mind about me then i will leave you alone. But if you do change your mind" he grinned at the end.

You sighed and gave up, "one date and you will leave me alone" you said, "IF you haven't changed your mind about me" he added and i sighed and nodded, "fine".

He smirked and let you get out, "see you at 8" he said and speeded off.

You went on the date and surprisingly you enjoyed it, he was a real gentleman and you thought maybe to give him a chance.


Your annoying alarm clock went off and you groaned turning it off, you sighed and got up, another day of tortue, also known as work.

You worked for one direction, you were their writer, well song ideas person what ever you call it.

Basically you just helped the boys write songs at the moment, Simon had done this thing where all the boys had to write there own song and you helped them, you were a song writer yourself.

Loads of famous singers sang your songs but you hated it with these singers.

Not all of them just Niall, he was horrid to you, from the start, for no reason what so ever.

All the other boys snapped at him when he was mean to me but he carried on.

You sighed and got ready, you wore a darkish blue jumper that had white letters spelling GEEK on it with silver glittery sequences around the edge of the letters and some blue denim shorts.

You slipped on your navy blue converse and sighed grabbing you phone and keys and heading to the studio.

When you got there you were first greeted by Harry, "Hay (y,n) i thought of a name for my song" he smiled, Harry was the first finished on his song.

"What is it" you asked, "nobody compares" he answered, "i like it"you smiled, he nodded and walked on.

So far Harry had a song called 'Nobody Compares' (well he just said) Zayn had a song called, 'shes not afraid' but wasn't finished, Louis had a song called 'heart attack' that isn't finished yet earthier and Liam has a song called 'truly madly deeply' which is also not finished.

Niall however i have no clue on, he will never work with me or show me his song, which i am good with as i hate him.

"Well isn't it the little ugly whore" Niall said walking in, you glared at him and turned around to face Liam.

"Well isn't that rude but i don't care why would i want to hear a stupid little bitch talk" he said and you could tell he was grinning.

"Niall" Liam snapped and he just shrugged, "truth be told" Niall mumbled walking past you shoving you out the way.

He really didn't realise how much it hurt you some times, you were a very self conscious person and he didn't make it any better.

He teased you all day and you had enough, you ran to the bathroom as tears spilled from your eyes.

You cried in there for about an hour until you calmed down and walked out, your eyes were still red and puffy though and just your luck as you walked out you bumped into Niall.

"Hay bitch watch where your go-" but he stopped mid sentence when he saw your eyes.

"sorry" you mumbled and hurried on, "(y,n)" he called but you ignored him and hurried on.

*a week later*

today was the day when all the boys sang there songs, Niall was last, "Er this song is very important to me and i guess someone else" he said into the microphone.You frowned, what did he mean by that.

"And its called little things" he said and sat on the stall with his guitar and began to strum some notes then sang.

"your hand fits into mine like its made for me,

but bare this in mind it was meant to be.

And im joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks,

and it all makes sense to me.

I know you've never loved the crinkles by your eyes,

when you smile you've never loved your stomach or you thighs.

the dimples in you back,

at the bottom of your spin but i love them endlessly"

He sang softly, it sounded like harmony to your ears, no matter how much you hate him you could not dare say his song was bad. He then went into the course.

"I wont let these little things slip out of my mouth,

but if i do, it you, oh its you they add up to.

Im in love with you,

and all these little things"

He sang the course and then a few other verse's, the  course again then the next part made your heart melt.

"You'll never love yourself half as much as i love you,

and you'll never treat yourself right, darling, but i want you to.

If i let you know im here for you,

maybe you'll love yourself like i love you, oh."

He sang, he finished it off soon after and looked directly at you, no hate filled his eyes he just starred at you.

Later on when you was writing some lyrics down in your song book,you heard someone say your name.

you looked to see Niall, "(y,n)" he said softly, "Im not in the mood Niall, not now" you sighed, "no no i just wanted to talk" he said, you frowned and sat up a bit straighter.

He sat down next you and sighed, "you no my song" he asked, "yes it was very good, i know i know, you didn't need my stupid help because im shit at writing songs" you said already knowing what he would say.

"No not at all" he said quickly, "i was just wanted to tell you that the person its about is you" he whispered.

You sat there shocked, "No this is some kind of joke hahaha yeah very funny" i said and tears filled my eyes, "Yeah you are just horrid to me all day every day because you some what care about me" you said standing up and tears began to roll down your cheeks.

"Cant you just leave me alone Niall" you said and turned around and began to run down the studio.

"(y,n)" Niall called after you, he caught up and grabbed you arm, "please just leave me alone" you cried and slid down the wall.

He slid down next to you and sighed, "come here" he whispered and wrapped his arms around you, you tried to get away but he held you tight.

"Why do you do this to me" you cried, he sighed and looked down, "because i like you" he sighed, "i have liked you since i met you and i don't no why but i just started to be horrid to you and soon when i realised what i had done it was too late to stop" he sighed.

"What" you asked shocked, "I know it sounds stupid but its the truth and the reason i didn't want you seeing my song was because i wanted to surprise you" he whispered.

"really" you asked, he nodded and looked into your eyes, "And im sorry" he whispered and leaned it.

Your breath hitched but you let him lean in and soon your lips met, they moved in sync and when he pulled away he rested his head against yours.

"Please forgive me" he whispered, you nodded and he smiled, "and i understand if you say no but (y,n) will you go out with me" he asked, you bit your lip but nodded.

He smiled and pecked your lips, for the first time you had seen the good side of Niall and you had fallen in love with it already!


"Well that was stupid" Liam yelled, "how" you yelled back angrily, you were at work, you worked as one directions hair stylist and you left your stuff at home.

"now you cant do our hair" he said annoyed, "I told you i have a spare kit" you said angrily and stomped away.

You sighed and went and grabbed your spare kit then walked into the dressing rooms.

The boys had a party tonight, a masked fancy dress party so you had to do there hair but it started in 3 hours.

"Come on Irish boy, you first" you said and Niall came bobbing along and to the chair, you began doing his hair when he asked.

"(y,n) why don't you come to the party tonight" "I don't think so" you smiled, "oh come on Lou is going and even baby lux, she looks adorable in her mask" he smiled.

"Niall you cant just invite her" Liam hissed, you glared at him and he glared back, "yes i can" Niall snapped, "just coz you don't like her, me Zayn, Harry and Louis do and we want to invite her" He said and all the other boys nodded.

Liam groaned and you smirked, "ok i will go" you smirked, you were only really going to annoy Liam though.

Later on at home you was getting ready for the party, although it was more of a ball,

You had brought a mask earlier and it was cute, it was a white mask that covered my eyes and the right side of my face. It was glittery and had a vine design on it and 2 silver studs my the corner of the eye holes.

It had a silver line around the edge and 2 big white feathers on the right side.

You curled your hair and put on a short white dress and some white heels, you put your mask on and looked in the mirror. You were the white princess and you looked hot.

You smiled to yourself and grabbed your phone and drove to Lou's house, you offered her a lift, you climbed out and knocked on the door.

She opened up and had baby Lux in her hands, "Hi (y,n)" Lou smiled, "Hi and hello cutie don't you look adorable" you smiled pinching Lux's cheeks.

You got in the car and drove to the party, when you got there and you were very right about it being a ball.

Everyone was dressed fancy and the dancing was very much posh you could say, another thing, you could not recognise anyone because of there masks, no one at all.

"LUX" you  heard an Irish accent scream and a boy with blonde hair come running over.

Of course that was Niall, "Hi Lou" he smiled, "Hi Niall" she smiled and handed him Lux.

He smiled and kissed her cheek, she giggled and rested on his shoulder, "Hay Lou i thought you was coming with (y,n) where is she" he asked.

"Niall im right here" you chuckled, he looked to you and his mouth dropped. "(y,n) you look....beautiful" he smiled, "I didn't even recognise you" he smiled.

"Thanks Irish boy you don't look to bad yourself Prince charming" you smiled, Niall was dress as prince charming, he had the exact same outfit as prince charming in snow white and had a red and blue mask on that covered his eyes.

He smiled and pointed out the other boys, "Harry over there is the green lantern guy" he was dressed in like a green shirt and a green mask.

"Zayn over there is another prince" he was dressed in a blue prince charming suit "and Louis over there, i have no idea what he is, just random i guess" he laughed.

I looked to Louis and he had a purple mask Blue blazer with stripes underneath and red trousers.

"And i don't know where Liam is" he shrugged, well you didn't really care where Liam was.

Niall handed Lux back to Lou and looked to you, "would you care to dance" he asked bowing slightly and putting his hand out.

"I would love to" you smiled, he pulled you to where everyone was dancing, put one hand on your waist and held your hand with the other.

It was ball room dancing, soon they said something about swapping partners and someone new stood in front of me offering there hand.

I looked up to see someone dress as the dark knight, they were completely dressed in black and had a black mask on.

"Shall we" he asked, the voice sounded familiar but you couldn't think of who it was.

You smiled and nodded taking his hand, he placed one on your waist and held you hand high and began to dance.

"May i ask who the beautiful face is under the beautiful mask" he asked, "That would just ruin the fun" you giggled and he smirked.

"White princess, i guess we were meant to dance tonight" he said and put on  that gorgeous smile.

"Maybe so" you smiled, you danced with him the whole night but yet you never told each other who you really were.

At the end of the night you walked outside and waited for Lou and Lux, all that was on your mind was him, his smile, his dancing, his mysterious figure.

You smiled as you saw him walk out as well, he smiled at you and walked over, "hay" he smiled, "Hi" you replied.

"I had a great time tonight" you smiled, "me to i hope i see you again" "ah but then we will have to wait for the next mask ball" you giggled.

"Well heres something to remember me by until" he said and leaned in and planted his lips on yours.

It was the best kiss you had ever had, fire works set off in your stomach, he pulled away and smiled, "goodbye beautiful" he smiled, "bye" you answered and he turned around.

"Liam come on man hurry up" You heard, you looked ahead to see Harr, he had taken his mask off now.

"Ok im coming" the dark knight yelled, he turned and smiled at you before walking off.

You mouth dropped, "Liam" you repeated, that was Liam, you had kissed Liam, Liam is the boy that wont get out of your mind, 'Oh God' you thought.

*the next day at work*

You walked into the studio for work dreading it, 'Liam come on man hurry up' repeated in your head, that was Liam.

You were still in shock, you took a deep breath and walked into the dressing room.

All the boys were sat on the sofa, "Hay (y,n)" they all said apart from Liam, "did you enjoy last night (y,n)" Niall asked, "Ye-yeah" you stuttered. And that's what you feared you did enjoy it, WITH LAIM.

"yeah yeah shut up Liam carry on" Harry said and looked at Liam eagerly.

"She was the most beautiful girl i have every seen" Liam said breathed out heavier, "you should have seen her" he said again.

"I did" Harry grinned, "What" both you and Liam said at the same time, the boys looked to me and you quickly turned to look at some papers pretending that's what you was on about.

"sorry they are dropping my salary" i shrugged showing them the papers but quickly turned it back so they couldn't see what was really on it.

They nodded and turned back to look at Harry, "shes the girl you were kissing when i told you to hurry up" he said, "Yes thank you so much for that" he said sarcastically.

"What did she look like" Louis asked eagerly, "It was like we were meant for each other she was the White princess and i was the dark knight" "they are completely the opposite" Harry frowned, "shut up" Liam groaned.

"You no what i mean" he said and carried on, "She  wore a white mask with to big white feathers on the side, a short white dress and a pair of white heels.

"Dude are you kidding you kissed her" Niall asked, 'shit' you thought, you just remembered Niall was the only one that new what you looked like.

"What do you mean by that" Niall frowned, "Liam when i went to see Baby Lux, i saw (y,n) as well" Niall said, "so" Liam asked confused.

"The girl that you danced with all night and kissed was (y,n)" Niall smiled and looked at you, you froze and starred at him.

"What" Liam said shocked and looked at you, he studied your face for a moment then his mouth dropped, he stood up and walked over to you.

"what were you dressed as last night" he asked, you gulped and looked down, "the white princess" you mumbled.

The boys took this as there chance to slip out the door so it was just you and Liam, you looked up and his mouth was still dropped.

He opened his mouth to say something then closed it,"" he mumbled not sure what to say.

"Well i was right a beautiful face under a beautiful mask" he finally managed to say.

You looked up shocked and a tiny smile appeared on his lips, you smiled as well.

Maybe Liam wasn't all that bad maybe you just never really had talked to him.


"Shut up Louis" you groaned, "Aww but im superman" he said and jumped on a table, "your so childish" you said and rolled your eyes.

"That's me" he grinned, you worked at one directions make up artist and they were all nice but you hated how childish Louis was.

You hadn't had the best childhood, so you hated being reminded but he wouldn't stop.

"(yyy,nnnnn) your no fun" he huffed, "and you Mr Tomlison are to much fun" you hissed and turned your back on him walking out.

Later on that day of course Louis had to return, "hay (y,n) you coming carnival with us" he asked smiling widely, "er no" you answered turning your back to him.

"come on (y,n)" he wined, "alright if it will shut you up" you groaned, he skipped away happily, "Idiot" you mumbled.

*the next day*

you walked to the studios where the boys were going to pick you up, you were dressed in some blue skinny jeans and a white jumper with a panda on it.

When you got to the studio the boys were stood there waiting, "hay (y,n)" they all said, "HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII" Louis yelled, you rolled your eyes, "hi" you said and ignored Louis.

You climbed in and was sat next to Liam and Louis, i liked Liam, he was sensible.

By the time we had got to the carnival Louis's childish act had already tired me out, "come on (y,n) lets go" he sat grabbing my hand and dragging me to a ride.

*3 hours later*

"Louis just stop i have had enough" you said angrily, "what" he asked confused, "i have had enough of this, you, your just to childish its driving me mad" you yelled.

He looked hurt and you felt a little guilty but you had told him you hated his childish act before,

You turned and walked off, you found an old bench behind a stool and just sat there.

After a while you heard voices, "I know Harry but i just don't know what to do" "dude she told you, stop acting childish" you heard Harry say, they were right round the corner.

"Harry you know i cant do that its apart of me" you heard Louis sigh, "i know man" he sighed.

"I just wish she new" "its just a crush man" Harry said, "No its not its more that that, (y,n) is just different" he sighed.

You gasped, Louis liked you, "I try to make her laugh normally girls like that but she hates me for it" he sighed.

You instantly felt guilty, he only did these things because he liked you and you were so horrid to him.

You sighed and walked out, soon the boys gathered up and you all decided to go home.

You sat in the car and everyone was silent, the atmosphere for really intense.

You sighed and looked at Louis, he was looking down at his hands not daring yo look at you.

*the next day*

The next day at work, Louis was still ignoring you and you had enough, as you walked the halls you saw him.

He was just walking past when you grabbed his hand and pulled him into the janitors closet.

"Hay what the-" he frowned and you closed the door, he looked up to meet your eyes then looked down again and went silent.

You sighed and looked at him, "Louis" you started, "im so sorry" you whispered, he looked up and gulped.

"for what" he asked, "being horrid to you, i know you were just trying to be nice but i had a bad childhood and i guess i just took it out on you" you sighed.

He looked up and a tiny smile appeared on his face, "its fine" he grinned, you sighed in relief and swung your arms around his neck and hugged him tightly.

His breath hitched and he soon wrapped his arms around your waist, you had nuzzled you head into his neck and for some reason you didnt want to pull away.

You didnt want to be out of his arms you wanted to stay there forever, with him, you pulled your head back still with your arms around his neck and his around your waist. You starred into his eyes and suddenly he crashed his lips to yours.

You were shocked at first but ended up kissing him back, he pushed you against the was.

It was getting very heated up when suddenly the door opened reviling Niall, you to quickly pounced back and starred at Niall who was grinning.

"Told you they went in here" Niall said sticking his tongue out and Harry ho now appeared. "And they looked like they were having a good time" Niall grinned, you blushed and he smiled.

"Ok well you get back to what ever you were doing" Niall laughed closing the door, you turned to Louis and he groaned then looked at you and smirked.

"So.........." he said grabbing your hand, "i was wondering" "Yes i will go out with you" you smiled, he looked up and grinned pecking your lips.

To be honest you found Louis wasn't really that bad, he helped to leave your past behind and you soon found you loved Louis's funny side a lot more.






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