2. You go shopping

#You go shopping


"Babe what do you think about this one" you asked Zayn holding up a purple dress, "its nice" he said looking around. "You hate it don't you" you said, "mhmm" he said and you laughed. "What do you like then" you asked and put down all the things you picked up, he picked up a few dresses and shoved them in you're hands, "go change" he said, you raised an eye brow but walked in there anyway. You took off you're top and jeans and pulled the first dress on. It was lime green but looked good on you. You heard a whistle then "And i thought you looked hot before" you turned around to see Zayn and smiled. He pulled the curtain wide open and walked in then shut them. He wrapped his arms around you and smiled, "beautiful" he smiled, you giggled and leaned up and kissed him, he kissed you back and pulled the strap of you're dress down. "Zayn" you wined and pulled it back up, he pecked you're lips one more time and you got changed. You bought the dresses and walked out.


"OMG THATS LIAM PAYNE" you heard, you was walking hand in hand with you're boyfriend Liam at the mall, when a bunch of girls noticed him. They ran up to the both of you and started pulling on Liam and asking him for autographs and  photos, you was pushed to the back of the crowd and you sighed. "I'll-i'll be in that shop over there" you yelled to Liam standing on you're tippy toes to see him but you couldn't. You sighed and walked into the shop, you looked out the window of that shop and saw how more and more people crowded him. You looked around the shop, really just waiting for Liam, you looked at your phone and it had been half an hour since the crowd of girls went to Liam. You looked at a few clothes then felt a pair of arms wrap around you, you turned and looked up to see Liam, then looked back down. "Baby" he said softly and lifted you're head up slightly, you looked into his eyes and he sighed, "im sorry angle" he said and closed his eyes. You smiled slightly and wrapped you're arms around his neck and stood on you're toes and kissed him gently, he opened his eyes and smiled, "lets just get out of here before anyone else sees you" you smiled and he kissed you once more.


"Come on Irish boy, the shops are going to shut in a minute" you yelled tugging on Nialls hand making him go faster. "Im sorry i was hungry and wanted to stop for food" he pouted, you giggled and stopped for a minute quickly pecking his lips then pulling again. You ran into the shops and had a look around, "Ohh baby try this on" you heard Niall say and he ran towards you and showed you a tank top that said 'I love Irish" with a little leprechaun on it. You giggled and grabbed the top, you grabbed a few more tops and bought them then headed out.


You were out shopping and you're boyfriend was driving you mad, "are you done yet, are you done yet, are you done yet, (y,n) (y,nnnnnnnnnnnnnn)" he wined, "LOUIS SHUT UP" you yelled and he groaned. You walked into a shop and he kept playing with things, "LOUIS TOMLINSON STOP PLAYING WITH EVERYTHING YOU SEE" you yelled but couldn't help but snicker, he was like a 5 year old, "Im not playing with 'Everything' i see" he said making the everything last. You giggled and pecked his lips and grabbed his hand. After half an hour you finally gave up and you went home to cuddle.


"Oh Haz Haz hes so great, he got a girlfriend called (y,n), loves cats ands got curly hair" Harry sang next to you, "your really bored aren't you" you laughed listening to his ridiculous singing. "mhmm". "Ok what do you wanna do" you asked, "can we go in tom man i want to check out a shirt" he said, you rolled you're eyes and nodded. He grabbed you're hand and you walked to top shop, you messed around for a while, laughing and joking. "Har-Harry st-stop" you laughed, he was tickling you and you ended up falling over, he fell as well and nearly crushed you. You both started laughing and he pecked you're lips, "love you" he smiled, "love you to" you smiled.

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