19. New jobs

#Working together


"(Y,n) meet Louis, Louis meet (y,n)" you're grumpy new boss mumbles introducing you to an extremely cute guy. "Hi" you smile shyly and the guy gives you a great big toothy smile accompanied by a rapid wave of his hand. "Train her up will you" you're boss mutters before walking away with a very slouched figure. "He's a right ball of fun" you mutter yourself and snap you're head up once hearing a loud chuckle. "I know right" the guy..... Louis grins. "Just don't tell him that and you're all good" he smiles widely showing of his pearls of teeth. You needed a little job, therefor you settled for sturbucks thinking it would do for now. "Well love we better get down to work" he says with a pipe in his voice. Love? You smile biting you're lip slightly, this job is going to be better that you thought.


You needed a new job and it turned out 'waitressing' was all that was up for grab. So you gladly took it. But still didn't have a clue how it works. "Don't worry Niall can help you with it, just please don't follow his habits of taking breaks ever 5 minutes to eat the food instead of serve it" you're new boss chuckles and you let out a shy laugh. "Niall" you're boss calls and suddenly a boy with luxurious blonde hair and shocking blue eyes appears eating a sandwich. "Hi" he perks seeing you and you give a shy wave. "She's new, give her a few tips will you Irish boy" you're boss asks and he nods happily. Once you're boss walks away Niall turns to you. "Well it's pretty easy just get the food and take it over to the table" he grins with a sparkle in his eye. "I'm sure you're a natural" you both share a laugh and just look at each other for a moment. Well this was to be fun.


Lawyer. That's the job you managed to grab. You are as nervous as ever for your first day but keep a bolt of energy tucked away. You were ready for this, finally walking in your greeted by a girl who quickly calls your new boss over. "(Y,N) lovely to see you again and it's a pleasure to have you working here, now I'm so sorry to rush off but I must be going, Mr Malik will show you round" he say politely and you nod a little startled, not really knowing what to do. Soon enough, your boss leaves and your left on your own....that is until a handsome boy with jet black hair approaches you. He's dressed in a suit looking as fine as ever and flashes you a smile once near enough. "Good afternoon" he greets politely, you nod his way returning the favour and he smiles. "I'm Zayn and I'm delighted to be showing you around" he grins. So far so good, cute and smart. This is going to be better than you thought.


"(Y,N)" you boss shouts and immediately you scurry into your bosses office. "Yes" you ask but am surprised when you see another person as well as your boss in there. "(Y,N) this is Mr Styles" your boss says, "Harry" he continues and the person turns around to reveal a curly haired green eyed boy, he gives a wave and you wave back shyly. "He's new, show him around" you boss says and immediately you nod. Your boss leaves soon after and your left with the Harry guy. "So..." You say awkwardly, "lets go" he grins and follows, it's a little strange. As you walk showing him each and every room, he seams to be getting a little more talk able. "So" he grins, "is everyone as pretty as you in this place" he smiles with such a charming smile. You blush and look down. Aw...


Giggle city. That's really the place your working at now. A kids mini fun fair..... Great. Well at least it's something, besides you love little kids. "Right (y,n) I've got to go but....LIAM" you jump slightly and watch as your boss shouts and signals for a tall handsome boy with gorgeous brown hair and eyes. He jogs over leaving the bouncy castle he's working on with someone else. "Hey boss" he smiles happily, his eyes catch me and I blush when he stares a little longer that needed. "Liam this is (y,n) she's new, help her out will you" your boss says. "Sure thing" liam nods smiling turning to you. "You can work with me" he nods you nod shyly and soon follow him to the massive slide bouncy castle. "So it's pretty easy, basically take the money, three slides and your done" he grins. You nod nervously and he smiles gently. "Thanks" I smile, "no problem at least I get someone as pretty as you to work with" he winks playfully and you blush madly. Maybe this job will be better than you thought.

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