16. Late for work

#Late for work


You hear your alarm go off followed by a muffled groan, a sigh escapes your lips as you turn the alarm off and shuffle around to see your beautiful sleeping boyfriend, "why did it make noise" he mumbles sleepily, "i have work" you say and he groans louder hugging your waste and pulling you into his chest. "Stay with me" he murmurs kissing your forehead. "I cant, ill get fired" you say tracing the tattoos across his chest and up and down his arm. "It dosent matter, you don't need a job, I can give you what ever you want" he says keeping a tight grip on your waste. "Noooo now let me go, im going to be late" you wine trying to squeeze out of his arms but he wont allow it. "No" he mumbles keeping his eyes shut, "Zayn" you wine, he sounded like a stubborn little kind, mind you, you sounded like a winey little kid too. "No work for you" he says and kisses your lips before falling back to sleep, keeping a tight grip on your waste.


"He needs to wake up, its his turn to record in the studio" Paul says apologetically, "cant he have just a while longer, he hasn't gotten a real sleep in days" you ask as Liam lays fast asleep hugging your body tightly and resting his head on your shoulder. You were on the sofa in the tore bus and Liam had fallen straight to sleep as soon as he sat down, which happens to have been only 10 minutes ago, "hes already late" Paul shrugs softly, "theres nothing i can do about it" he says and you sigh nodding, "I'll wake him" you say and he nods walking out. "Liam" you whisper shaking him slightly but he dosent react. "Li wake up baby" you say gently and press your lips to his forehead, "hmm" he mumbles still not opening his eyes. "Come on baby, your late for recording" you say and he opens his eyes followed by a yawn, "oh" he mumbles and closing his eyes once again. "No Liam don't fall asleep again" you chuckle softly and kiss his lips gently, "5 more minutes" he mumbles before falling straight back to sleep.


"Turn it offffff" Louis wines covering his head with a pillow as your alarm continues to go off, "i cant find the button" you mutter not being able to see properly from your tired vision with was all blurry. You finally turn it off and let out a deep sigh, "stupid work" you groan. "Don't bother" Louis mumbles rolling around on the bed trying to find a comfortable potion. "I have too that's the whole point of a job" you mutter and finally, "yeah and the whole point is one not to wake him up to early in the morning" he pauses raising an eye brow then continues, "and too to cuddle him in the morning" he says grabbing your waste, "i wish Lou but maybe tomorrow" you say and he shakes his head, "today".


"Niall baby" you say softly, shaking him gently, "Nialler" you continue to shake him until he stirs a bit, "mmm huh" he asks opening his eyes to see you before him, "hey princess" he smiles kissing your lips gently. "Im sorry but....I have work and im going to be late" you say giving him an innocent look. You didn't have a ride and he would always give you a lift, "oh right" he mumbles throwing the covers back and sitting up rubbing his eyes slightly. "I-i can walk you know...go back to sleep" you say seeing how tired he was, you felt too bad to wake him up. He didn't get much sleep as it was with his job. "No no" he says and smiles cupping you cheeks, "Im driving you and you will be late if you walk" he smiles kissing your lips, "thanks" you say and peck his lips once more before allowing him to get up and get dressed.


You were on tour with Harry and the boys but had caught some kind of flue. At the moment you were laying on the tour bus in your bunk with Harry just cuddling until you heard him curse. "Shit" he muttered, "what" you sniff looking up at him, "i forgot im meant to be in the studio" he says and quickly climbs out of the bunk leaving you and rushing to pull his jeans on. "Oh" you say a little half heartedly, To be honest you were feeling a little better just laying with him but now with him gone, you felt sick again. "Management is going to kill me if im late again, i cant-" but he stopped mid-sentence looking to you. "But....I cant leave you" he sighs but a smile follows. "Hmm what, oh no, Harry you need to go" you say, "I'll be fine" but you really wouldn't. "Nah you mean more to me" he smiles removing his jeans before climbing back into the bunk with you. You sigh but smile, you loved him so much.

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