5. he's the teacher

# Hes the teacher


You are the schools nerd, you no everything and even though everyone takes the mick out of you, you always fell special with your teacher Mr Payne, Liam.

He how ever finds your work incredible, you were in class and had him today and when the bell went you sighed, great time for bullying.

You picked up your bag and went to walk out, "wait (y,n) can you stay back a moment" he smiled, you blushed and hid it quickly and nodded.

"Could you show me how you did that" he asked, you nodded and sat down next to him, he moved his chair closer to you and it made you freeze.

"(Y,n)" he said and you looked up to meat his beautiful eyes, you just starred into them and he did the same.

A small smile appeared on his lips and the same on mine and he leaned in.


The bell had just gone and your friends picked up theres bags, "coming (y,n)" they asked, "na you go on i need to speak to Mr Horan quick" you said and they nodded.

They walked out and you walked up to Niall, your teacher and boyfriend, "Hay baby" you said and sat on his lap, "hay angel" he said and kissed you hard.

One of his hands travelled up the back of your shirt and the other gently massaged your breast, "Niall" you moaned loudly.

"Shhh (y,n) we don't want anyone to hear" he chuckled and laid you down on the floor behind the desk and climbed on top quickly.

Lets just say that sex in a classroom is ticked off the list.


"(y,n) lets go out tonight" your friend Nick Thomas said and grabbed your waist from behind, "Nick" you giggled, "Mr Thomas please return to your work" your teacher Louis said sternly giving him a death glare.

Nick shrugged and i giggled, "And Miss (y,n) i will see you at the end of the lesson" he said, "ohhh (y,n) in trouble (y,n) in trouble" the class all chanted and laughed.

"Yes she is" he whispered in your ear when no one was looking, it sent chills down your spine and he kissed behind your ear gently which shocked you slightly, then quickly pulled away and smirked.

Leaving you breath taken.


"Harry, HAROLD" the class yelled, taking the mick out of the teacher name, you frowned and looked at him.

"SHUT UP" you yelled and everyone fell silent, "Jesus do you ever shut up" you half joked so they wouldn't be whispering about you.

They laughed and the teacher looked at you and winked, you blushed and looked down it wasn't you're thought, he was hot and only young.

A young hot boy winking at you kinda makes you blush, at the end of class, he called you over before you left.

"I would just like to say thank you for earlier and ask if theres anything you would like in return" he smirked, "errr" i mumbled.

A playful grin crossed you're lips as you realised he was flirting, "well there was this one thing" you flirted back giggling.

He grinned and leaned in kissing you hard, he pushed you against the wall and you began to undo the buttons on his shirt.


"Jack stop" you said, he kept flirting with you in class and putting his hands on you thighs and rubbing them or smacking your butt as you walked past.

But the worst part was that you were in Zayn Maliks class, Zayn was the teacher but also your secret boyfriend.

And he looked like he was about to jump out on Jack and strangle him, you looked at him and smiled slightly telling him it was fine.

He took a deep breath and carried on, "So the writer uses this tense in the writing because-" but he stopped and looked at Jack and clenched his fists.

Jack had put his chair as close to you as possible and his hand slid under your skirt, you tried to stop him without making any noise so Zayn wouldn't turn around but you couldn't.

 "JACK OUT NOW" he yelled angrily, Jack jumped and his hand fast pulled away, Zayn never yelled and it was quite a shock.

The bell went and whilst everyone left you deliberately stayed behind and walked up to Zayn.

You took his hand that was clenched into a fist and kissed it gently, "calm down" you whispered and kissed his lips softly. You turned around to leave but he grabbed your waist and pulled you into him, "Your mine" he growled into your ear and began undoing your shirt so that your black lace bra was showing.

"That's going on my bedroom floor tonight" he smirked and you giggled 



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