17. Hes one of the bullies

#Hes one of the bullies


"Hey (Y,N)" Connor, one of the school bullies yells from the field and right as you turn, a ball hits you square in the face knocking you backwards so you landed on your butt. Him and his two friends, Niall and Ricky both burst into laughter pointing and laughing at you. You feel tears come to your eyes, not only did they realise how much that actually stung, but they also don't realise how much that mentally hurt you. They were the school bullies and they were constantly picking on you, you had no idea why or what you had done to deserve this but you hated it. As they walked away laughing you saw how Niall, trailed behind making sure they hadn't noticed and as soon as he realised they hadn't came sprinting over to you, Oh God, 'just leave me alone' you thought, 'wasn't that enough'. He finally reaches you and drops to his knees, "Im so sorry (Y,N)" he says panicky, "Oh God are you ok, did it hurt" he says touching your cheek where you were curtain soon enough a bruise would form. You frown starring at him, hes one of the bullies why is he asking if your ok. "Im fine" you mumble, he sighs in relief and stands holding out a hand for you. You hesitate before taking it and he pulls you up, "im sorry, them two are complete dicks and i mean so am i but please forgive me" he begs and you suddenly realise, Niall wasn't the one laughing, he was actually starring at Connor quite angrily. "Erm...Sure" you mumble and he sighs in relief, you had never really spoken to Niall before this but he a way.....sorta sweet......


" give that back" you yell as the six boys in the hall laugh throwing your backpack back and forward between themselves whilst you helplessly played piggy in the middle trying to give it back. "Josh stop it" you shout turning to one of the boys who had you back pack at the moment, "oh what do we have in here" he says completely ignoring you and opening your bag taking out all you books and papers throwing them everywhere. "No stop" you cry, that had all your plans and models of a project you were doing. "Give it back" you snap trying to snatch it from him but he catches your hand before you can. "Don't touch it, without my permission" he says and shoves you backwards so you end up on the floor. You let out a small yelp once hitting the floor then look back up into his fiery eyes. Fear feels you seeing him jog over and you shake your head, "Hey! Stop it" you hear and suddenly your not the only one on the floor, Josh is too. "What the hell" he snaps looking up to see.....Harry. You look up at the curly boy confused, he was one of the six throwing your backpack around, "you can muck about but you don't fucking touch her" he growls and Josh quickly scrambles to his feet. "Whatever" he mumbles before walking away with his 4 little minions following. You watch him walk away until Harry turns to you and gives you a gentle smile. "Sorry" he says softly and you stare at him quiet shocked. One of your bullies had just saved you from being saved? You quickly stand and straighten your shirts, "its okay, thanks" you say and he nods, "don't worry, i wont let them go near you anymore" he offers and you smile. That's kinda suppose.....


"Please i cant see without them" you say feeling for a wall and hearing the loud laughs all around you. You were completely blind without your glasses and one of the school bullies Jake had decided to steal them from you, great! "Go fine them (Y,N), go on" Jake snickers and everyone else in the halls who had decided to watch you make a fool of yourself laughed with him. "Alright Jake that's enough" you hear a voice....Zayn? What? Hes Jakes best friend and also one of the school bullies too. Why would he want to help you, "no way this is funny" you hear Jake laugh then a sort of crunching noise and a loud thump and the sound of everyone bursting into laughter once again. Followed by a low groan?? Seconds later you see a blurred figure in front of you and your glasses are placed back on. You blink a few times finally being able to see and Zayn stands in front of you. "Sorry" he says and you frown seeing Jake on the floor rubbing his jaw and still everyone laughing around of him. "Why'd you do that" you ask frowning, "he was pushes it too far" he shrugs and you nod and thank him. "Its fine but ever thought about contacts, your hiding half of that beautiful face behind these big things" he says tapping all your big geeky glasses. "Well once or twice but I-" WAIT....BEAUTIFUL. "What" you asked slightly shocked, "hmm" he asks back, "you" you trail off and his eyes slightly widen. "Well erm....what i meant was......its" he mumbles doing the exact same thing as you. He rubs the back of his neck nervously and offers you a small smile, "Its just id never really seen your eyes properly" he says, "there.....nice" he mumbles and you smile. Hes not half bad......


Tears seam to soak your eyes seeing your science project completely trashed, you were a huge science geek and this project was worth 30% of your grade, this science project is what was going to get you into the collage you wanted. You knew who had done it, its obviously David and Louis, the schools two best bud bullies. You were alone in the class room, you had gotten to school early even before the teacher just to check up on it and make sure everything was working but it wasn't working, it was ruined. You were frozen still just starring at the trashed work until you heard the door open, "is Mr Matthews in yet or- oh great its you....." Louis says but trails off seeing tears flood your eyes. "whats wrong?" he asks frowning, "what do you think" you snap, "what" he asks confused, "just don't, this project meant everything to me, it was going to get me into college but you and your idiot of a friend ruined it" you cry and drop to your knees sobbing. Nothing in your life had gone right but this was your shot, your shot to get into college and do something good. "I-it-it wasn't me" he says starring at you not sure what to do but you just continue to cry ignoring him. "Im sorry" he says and he suddenly next to you, you look up and sniff, "what" you frown, "im sorry" he repeats, "why do you care" you mutter. "Because i know this meant a lot to you.....maybe we can fix it" he says quickly and begins to gather the bits up. "Yeah look, all we need is some glue, we can do this" he says, "whatever" you sniff and stand up going to walk out but he stops you, "(Y,N) im being serious" he says starring into your eyes, "let me help you" he says gently and you look to all the broken pieces, hes right it could be fixed. You finally nod and he quickly runs about the room grabbing glue and whatever you need, "Ok come on weve got 30 minutes to do this, i know we can" he says energetically and you just stare at him for a moment. Hes sorta......nice.....


"Hey Liam come meet our little (Y,N)" George and Dexter chuckle leading the new guy Liam over to you, sadly the new guy happened to have mixed it with the bullies of the school. They jogged over and you immediately picked up your speed hugging your books closer to your chest. "wow where you going (y,n)" Dexter chuckles grabbing your arm and yanking you back, "and this Liam is our little geek" George laughs pushing you a bit,, "stop it" you mumble and Liam looks at you then too the two boys for a moment. "What are these" George grins and grabs the books from your hands, "hey" you yell, "give them back" you say trying to snatch them back but Dexter grabs your arms holding you in place as George looks through the pages. "boring, boring, boring" he mutters and throws each paper on to the floor, "stop it" you cry feeling helpless, "hey that's enough" Liam snaps stepping forward and garbbing your hand tearing you from Dexters grip, "come on Liam its funny" he laughs, "no its not now leave her alone and get lost" he barks grabbing your books from George as well. They huff before wondering off and Liam turns to you, "im sorry" he says, "i no you did nothing" you shrug and bend down to pick up all you papers which Liam quickly helps to do. "Thanks for standing up for me" you say and he smiles, "i guess i mixed up in the wrong crowd" he says and you nod, "maybe i should start hanging out with you instead" he suggest with a grin and you blush, "erm yeah sure" you say and he smiles helping you up and passing over some of your papers. Wow....hes.....cute...and sweet...... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey soz know these were shit but oh well

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