3. He gets jealous

#He gets Jealous



You were walking around holding Liams hand when you felt someone wrap there arms around you from behind and pull you back. "Ahhhhh" you screamed, "baby no need to scream" you heard a familiar voice say, you turned around and saw it was John, your ex best friend, "John" you smiled and hugged him. You heard a cough behind you and your turned to see Liam, standing there with crossed arms. "Er Liam this is John, John this is Liam" you said and went to walk back over to Liam but John grabbed my hand. "Nice to meet you but (y,n) we need to go" Liam said grabbing you're arm and pulling you into him, "slow down pretty boy, i think me and my little (y,n) need to catch up" he smiled. You remembered now that the reason he became your ex best friend is because he wanted to be more than friends and was quite mad when you didn't want to be. He reached out to grab you but Liam grabbed hold of his shirt and pulled him toward him, "don't touch her or you will have me to deal with" he said and shoved him backwards. Liam wrapped an arm around you and turned around walking off with you, "your such the jealous type"you giggle kissing his cheek, he smiled and just kisses your head.


You were at a club with Zayn, partying hard and having fun, Zayn went to the bathroom quick and you walked outside to get some air, you rested against a wall and closed your eyes, taking in the air. You heard someone whistle and you turned around looking at where it came from, "fuck girl, you've got hotter since i last saw you" you heard your ex boyfriend Danny say, who was standing in front of you. "Danny" you said in shock, he nodded and smirked, "babe" you heard Zayn call, "over here" you yelled and saw Zayn walk over to you. "Em babe this is Danny, Dannys my er......" "Ex" Danny finished for you, you looked at him and smiled but wiped it off quickly, "oh..mhmm...." Zayn mumbled not taking his eyes off Danny, "Er Danny this is Zayn, my boyfriend" you said smiling up at Zayn when you said boyfriend. "Mhmm now (y,n)-" Danny started but Zayn cut him off, "come on babe its cold out here lets go in" he said wrapping an arm around you and practically forcing you to turn around and walk back in the club. You left it be and started to dance with him, a few hours later, you and Zayn were grinding to the music when you felt Zayn move and a new body was behind you. "Mind if i cut in" Danny said grabbing your waist, you gasped and tried shoving him away, you looked at Zayn and he was on the floor looking angry, Danny must have pushed him. Before you knew it Zayn was off the floor and had pulled Danny away from you and pushed him in the over direction, so hard he made a few other people fall over as well as him. "Fucking ever go near her again and you wont be able to walk" Zayn yelled and pulled you into your chest. You smiled up at him and kissed his lips, "thanks baby" you said and he smiled down at you. 


"Go get some drinks baby and ill find a table" Harry said, you nodded and walked over to the counter in Starbucks. You waited a few minutes then a young boy turned to you and smiled, "hello love what can i get you" he smirked, "er two cappuccinos please" you smiled, "anything for you" he smiled. He made then but before i could go, he grabbed my hand, "can i have your number" he smirked, "i have a boyfriend" you said and pulled your hand away, "so" he said. You turned around but he grabbed you arm again tighter, "Now now it's not very nice to turn your back on-" he started to say with dark eyes but stopped mid sentence looking above you, you frowned and he slowly let go, now starring slight afraid above you. You frowned again and looked up and turned around, you saw it was Harry and smiled, now it made sense. Harry was so much taller than you and you could see him over the top of your head, "what are you doing" he said grabbing you're waist and pulling you back two steps into him, "i-er-ar-are you her boy friend" the boy asked slightly scared, Harry was like 6,7 inches taller than him, "mhmm and if i was you i would get lost" Harry said and grabbed the cappuccinos and you under his arm turning around and walking out. You smiled and kissed his cheek.


You and Louis were taking your little 3 year old sister to Rascals for the day, "(Y,L,S,N) Stop wait for me and Louis" you yelled as she ran over to the ball pit, "chill baby" he smiled and kissed your head. You sighed and grabbed his hand, he had an hour of running around after Ellie and now it was your turn. You climbed up to the top of the slide and sighed, "come on (y,n) wets go down" she giggled, "in a minute" you said and rested for a second. "Haha tired, i know how you feel" you heard someone say, you looked to you're right to see a boy about you're age with what you assume is his little brother, who looked about 5. You nodded and he laughed, "I want to go down on my own" the little boy called and jumped on the slide and went down, "Ohh (y,n) can i go down on mye own" you're (Y,L,S,N) giggled, "i guess but stay at the bottom till i get there" you said and she nodded and went down. The boy went on the edge of the slide and smirked, "so do you want to go on my lap" he smirked, "excuse me" you asked disgusted and all he did was pat his lap. "Can you please hurry up i need to get down there to my sister" you said annoyed now, "well then you better get on my lap coz im not going until someones on my lap" he smirked. "Please just go down" i said and he smirked, he didn't move but patted his lap again. You sighed and went to the stairs case thing to go down but he grabbed your wrist and pulled you back, "hey get off of me-" "What do you think your doing that's my girlfriend" you heard Louis say and you turned to see him just at the edge of the stairs with an angry look. You jumped back and climbed over to Louis, "don't ever Fuc-" "LOU" you yelled and stopped him, "children" you reminded and he nodded and looked back at the boy. "Don't go near her" he says and then you both go back down the stairs.


You were at a party of a friend of Nialls, well he wasn't really a friend, he was just friends with Niall because you were his girlfriend. Luke was his name and he was always hitting on you but you needed a night out so you came to the party. "Having fun princess" Niall yelled over the music, you nodded and yelled, "only coz your here" you smiled and pecked his lips. "Hay Niall you made it, oh (y,n) didn't no you was coming but its great that you are" he smiled and hugged you but not Niall, "yeah..." you trailed off. Yeah right of course he didn't no you were going to come, "so can i have a dance" he asked grabbing you waist, you were about to answer but heard Niall answer for you, "No you cant Luke, she is my girl now back off" he yelled and pulled him away from you and then stood in front of you. You smiled and kissed Nialls back and he turned around and smiled, then took your hand and walked out.


Hat people sorry this isn't really them getting jealous more like defensive but you no so and so anyways thanks for reading, xxxxxxx 


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