14. Cell mates

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#Cell mates


"Maybe a bit of lock down time will teach you your lesson.....that is if you still have a soul in that hell mind" the guard told you harshly as you tried to get free from his grip. "Get off of me" you spat fighting your way as he pushes you down the long corridor of locked up criminals in their cells. You had gotten nicked for shop lifting but it wasn't the first time, you were well known in this prison, you had been here 6 times! Twice you managed to break out and the other few times your fellow trouble makers had managed to buy you out but this time it didn't look pretty. This time there was no negotiating, you had to do your time and from you last escape the security had gotten a lot tighter, you didn't think you would be so lucky as too escape this time. "Now you know the rules, no fights and try to get along with your room mate" he says and you suddenly stop, "room mate" you ask confused, "yep, the government have in forced a new rule, considering there's so many of you, getting yourself into trouble, we've double up on cells, each person has an complying cell mate" he tells you. Only now peering in through the small bar windows in the doors, you see there are two people in each one. "So I hope you'll enjoy the company of Mr Styles" the guard laughs and you frown. You wasn't to bothered by this, you weren't afraid of anyone but the guard acted as if you should be. Finally stopping at one of the cells, the guard held your cuffed hands with one hand and found his keys with the other opening the door. "Styles, you've got a room mate" the guard called before pushing you in slightly. You cursed at him feeling the cuffs dig into your skin then looked around the room, you didn't see anyone until you looked to the two bunks, too see a mop of curly brown hair on the lower bunk, his back turned away from you so he was facing the wall. "Oh goody" he spoke, his voice was low and frightening and for a moment you doubted yourself. You didn't like the idea of having to spend at least a year in the same room as this guy. The guard had finally un cuffed you and you rubbed your wrists from the sore feeling. "Try to be a little nice will you boy" the guard asks and for a moment you hear sympathy in his voice for you. Wasn't it only a minute ago he was asking if you still had a soul, you gave him one last look before he closed and locked up the door leaving you in only a dim light and whoever the guy was. It was silent for a moment before the curly hair bounced about as the guy turned around and sat up, he was extremely good looking you must admit. "So......" he began with a sharp voice. "Whats your name" he ask a devilish smirk appearing across his face. You eye him up before swiftly letting your name pass your lips, "Hmm" he mumbles, "well lets put it this way, don't speak or interact or anything with me and we might just get along" he bites and you furrow your eyes brows. "Got a name curly" you ask completely ignoring his last statement which only seams to amuse him. He shakes his head before standing up and taking three large steps forward so he stood directly in front of you, but you wouldn't move. Moving would be a sign of weakness. "Maybe you didn't hear me" he says looking down at you, ok....he was much taller and....buffer than you had accepted. "And maybe you didn't hear me, got a name" you repeat in a firm voice not daring to back down but you knew he wasn't a good person to test his temper, so you wouldn't continue to push him any further if he didn't answer. His jaw tightened at for a moment you thought he was going to lash out on you but he didn't, instead he smiled but it wasn't a normal smile. More of a grin, a smirk. "Harry" he says, "Harry Styles". Your not really sure how to react to that but you still manage to spit something out, "pleasure" you say sarcasm stating the obvious. He stares down at you with his big green eyes and a smile crosses his face followed by a deep chuckle. "You cocky" he says and you raise an eye brow, "I like it" he mutters playing with a strand of your hair. You swat his hand away which only makes him chuckle, "I might just actually enjoy the company of you" he smirks and you scoff. "Dick" you mutter which only makes him grin once again but to be perfectly honest, you was quite happy to be sharing a room with him too.


"Pl-Please" you begged feeling a tear run down your cheek, "I didn't steal anything, some guy put it in my bag whilst i wasnt looking" you cry as the guard takes you to your cell, "im sorry ma 'me" he says with sympathy in his eyes, "im afraid this isn't up to me, the court said your guilty so you have to do your time" he says and you sniff nodding as you reach your cell, he opens the door and you take a deep breath before walking in, slightly startled to see another person in there. There's a guy, he looks around you age but gains at least a foot taller. He has caramel brown hair and the same mesmerising coloured eye, with a slight stubble on his chin, a few tattoos peak from his arms from where the sleeves of his jumper are rolled up and he leans against one wall whilst throwing a tennis ball against the opposite wall and catching it, then repeating the action again. He's very handsome but that's not what's on your mind at the moment. "Liam this is your new cell mate (Y,N)" the guard says but the guy known to be Liam doesn't move or bother to look just continues to throw the ball. Your heart hammers in your chest as you stare at him so focused on throwing and catching the ball again. You were terrified as it was going to prison! But having to share a cell with this guy made you feel even worse. You jump suddenly hearing the sound of the cell door shut and lock and you immediately swing around your eyes widen as reality kicks in. Years. Your going to me trapped in here for years for something you didn't even do. You begin to sob but snap out of it once hearing Liam speak. "You get the top bunk" he mutters but still continues to throw his ball back and forward not tearing his eyes away for a second to look to you. You now look around the cell, there's pretty much nothing but the bunks. Two cold metal slabs attached to the wall by chains, one about a quarter above the floor and the next only about 3 or 4 foot above the one below. You look to the top bunk that has a simple sheet and worn out pillow and no ladder. "Its late" Liam says suddenly and stops throwing the ball, "we should sleep" he says and finally looks at you. He seams to be like hes in his own little world, he speaks not politely but neither rudely and he doesn't act horrid but he doesn't act to nice either. You gulp before listening to him and slowly making you way over to the bed, you look up at him then turn to him, "h-how d-do I g-get up there" you stutter with a shaky voice, he looks at you and shrugs. "Climb" he mutters and walks straight pass you laying down on the bottom bunk. You feel yourself shake as tears blur your vision, you surely couldn't stay in this cell with him. You wipe your eyes before attempting to climb up onto the top bunk, the first few times you completely fail but the next time to manage to swing a leg over the edge and heave yourself up. You hiss in pain when pulling you other leg up, it scrapes across the metal and leaves a rather large bloody cut on your shin. You feel yourself sob and begin to cry silently once again. It was too much for you. A couple of hours had passed and it was late into the night but you still couldn't sleep. You had been stopping and starting again continuously and just could not get yourself to sleep. Soon the crying began and you sobbed into your knees once again, "crying isn't going to solve anything, so will YOU shut up" Liam snapped from below you and immediately you shut up with a small squeak before. You thought he was asleep, but still trying to be quiet only made you sob more which became louder and louder. You heard the bunk below you creak which meant Liam was getting out of bed, you shut yourself up again and closed your eyes rapping yourself in a ball and rocking back and forward. It was pitch black at night so you couldn't see much, but you could hear everything. You gasped suddenly seeing Liam lift himself up onto your bunk and you immediately shuffled back, "Im sorry, Im sorry" you cry, "I'll shut up i promise please don't hurt me" you sob closing your eyes. "Love im not going to hurt you" he says and for the first time, his voice is soft and gentle and smoothing. "Im sorry i snapped" he says and soon enough you feel his arms wrap around you. "Please don't cry" he whispers and you cant help but lean into him hugging his waste back, its ridiculous you had only just met this guy today and you were letting him put his arms around you but you needed the comfort and he wasn't a bad guy, just a tempered guy. "Its going to be ok love" he promises and you nod feeling some what safer, maybe......out of least you got a cell mate that has a heart.


"Malik this is (Y,N), enjoy each others company and don't get into any fights or what ever" the guard introduces your room mate. You look him up and down taking in his appearance, he has jet black hair, chocolate brown eyes, a small stubble and tattoos leak his arms and a few that peak from the neck line of his shirt he wears. He takes a moment to look at you then focuses back on the notepad that hes drawing on, "hey" he mumbles and you mumble a hi back. "lunch is in about 15 minutes" he tells you then closes your cell door and locks it up. So you had gotten done for underage drinking and also drunk driving. You weren't really bothered, well afraid, you could say but you were nervous if anything. You had spent a heck of a lot of nights in a police station cell but never in an actual prison, you had 8 months in hear and you weren't particularly looking forward to it. "So" you say seeing your cell mate sitting on his bed just doodling, "what you drawing" you ask trying to make conversation, if you was to be trapped in here with this guy for the next month, the least you could do is try to become friendly. He looked up for a moment and gave you a hard look, "I'd prefer if you would shut up whilst I draw" he says rudely then looks back down at his notepad. "Ouch" you mutter, "that hurt" "I don't give two shits about you ok" he snaps and your slightly taken back by his comment, he doesn't look like the hard core guys who think there all that and are rude and ignorant and get into fights. You shrug not really wanting to annoy him any further and just shut yourself up and sit on you bed which is on the opposite wall to his. Soon a loud bell rings and the cell door swings open, you frown not quite understanding and Zayn puts his book down getting up, "lunch" he mutters and you quickly scramble to your feet following him out, you follow him down the hall until you reach a door, he swings it open and it leads into a large room filled with other prisoners on tables eating there trays of food. You gulp nervously before walking in, you go to follow Zayn again but hes lost in the crowd which only makes you more nervous, sure he was a dick too you but hes the only person you sort of know. Once you had gotten you food you look around until you see an empty table and eat by yourself. You didn't want to be near anyone else, once finishing you wanted to head back to your cell but on your way someone tripped you up. You gasp falling face first onto the hard concrete floor and hear a couple of guys chuckle, "Look what we have here" one of the guys grin and you turn over looking up at them to see 4 guys and one familiar face, Zayn. "Mmm she looks like a bit of fun" the guy smirks, you go to stand but yelp in pain feeling a kick to the ribs, "stay down" the guy barks. Your eyes fill with tears from the pain and you close them for a second, once you reopen then you frown suddenly seeing the guy who kicked you on the ground holding his stomach in pain. You look up to see Zayn glaring down at the guy, "I told you to leave her alone" he barks then turns to you holding out a hand, you take it and he pulls you up. "I thought you didn't give a shit about me" you ask, "I don't like people who hit a girl" he says and we head back to our cell, maybe hes not that bad.


You sniff slightly and wipe you're eyes as the guard leads you too you're cell, you had been accused of stealing, but you really hadn't." So I looked over all the different cell mates and I think this guys the best to share with" the guard says softly. He was quite nice and tried to make you feel a little better but it wasn't working. You were going to spend the next year locked in a cell, you were petrified. "Mr Horans alright" the guard smiles softly and finally stops at you're cell, "it's a guy" you panic, he nods before unlocking the door. "Nothing to be afraid of" he says and you nod slowly, in hale a deep breath and slowly take you're first step into days to come. You look around and the first thing you see it a blonde haired boy laying on the stone slab, staring up and the ceiling. "Niall" the guard says and the boy quick jumps up almost falling off the bed and looks up. His ocean blues eyes were wide and full of fear until he saw you and confusion spread into them. "Meet you're room mate (y,n)" the guard tells him and he gives you a small and quiet hello. You believe to detect an Irish accent also. "Hey" you say looking down, "I'll see you later" the guard erasures and you nod. Gulping after watching the door shut. You finally turn around to see.....Niall....was it? His blue eyes stare at you and to be perfectly honest, they looked just as frightened and nervous as yours did. "Hey...." He says giving you a small smile, "hi" you whisper back feeling you're throat become dry. " you want the top bunk or bottom bunk because..I-I.. I can move...." He says quickly but you shake you're head, "any things fine" you say and he nods standing up and placing his hands in his pocket whilst kicking at the floor. "So.....what did you do" he asks after a moment and you frown not understanding until you realise he meant what did you do to be in prison. "Stole.....but I didn't" you say quickly and his eyes widen, "that's what happened to me" he says quickly and takes a few steps closer. "My ass of a so called 'friend' stole something and let me took the blame" he mumbles. "Pretty much the same for me but I didn't know the person" you shrug and already you feel in a way.....comfortable with him. He gives you a small smile and you return the favour, "can I tell you something" he asks and you nod unsure. "I was kinda afraid of who I would be sharing a cell with.....but I'm sorta glad it's you" he says sweetly and you instantly smile. "Same" you say and you both just stand there smiling at each other like idiots. He.....sweet......


"Hey" he chirped which only made you role you're eyes, "what time is it" you grumble, "7" Louis shrugs like its know big deal, "7" you seam to shout and then let out a loud groan and climbed out of bed heading straight to the steel door where 3 bars are used for a small window. "Get me out of this fucking cell, I can't go another day like this" you scream angrily but no guard Takes any notice of you. You had been put in prison yesterday with you're cell mate the one and only Louis Tomlinson, he was driving you insane, how could someone be so happy and full of life in a cell. "Quiet down a little love" he laughs which only makes you want scream again, "you're fucking tell me to quiet down" you shout angrily and he shrugs, "I'm a loud person can't help it" he laughs, "we'll guess what.....So am I" you say yelling the last part. "Just don't speak to me, don't come near me, don't even look at me" you spit and he looks slightly taken back, his face saddens slightly and he nods underneath a sigh and walks back to his bed climbing in and laying down turning his back on you. A tang of guilt feels you but you ignore it and sigh of relief, finally silence. The next few days Louis hadn't bothered you at all and too be honest it was getting boring. I guess you could say he kept this place kinda cosy but no. All day every day he just laid in his bunk remains silent, "hey Louis" you finally speak nervously. "I'm sorry" you say finally and soon enough, he turns to you and sighs, "it's fine, I know, I know.........I can be a pain in the ass" he says and you shake your head, "no're.....kinda fun......" You mumble and smile when seeing the huge grin on his face. "Well thank you is much" he says in a posh voice and you laugh, he's back to his bubbly self again. So maybe he's not that bad to share a cell with....

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