1. How you meet

 #How you meet


You wondered around the mall with your best friend, looking in all the shops. You got hungry so you decided to go sit in a little café and have some food. You were sat down and just talking about random things, "(y,n) you no that guy over there has been starring at you the whole time" (Y,B,F,N) smiled, "what" you asked turning around seeing a boy with very curly hair looking at you. You looked back at (Y,B,F,N) and shrugged, "go talk to him" she smiled, "what no" You said shaking your head, "come on" she said getting up and grabbing your arm pulling you with her. "(Y,B,F,N)" You yelled as she dragged you over to the guy, "hi this is my friend (y.n), can you look after her while I go to the bathroom, she cant be trusted on her own" (Y,B,F,N) smiled at the guy, you rolled your eyes at her excuse and the guy chuckled, "sure" he smiled at you and You blushed. (Y,B,F,N) walked off out of the café and your pretty sure she will be gone for a while. "Em hi" the guy said which snapped you out of you're day dream, "er hi" you said, the guy chuckled at how shy You are and stuck out his hand, "Harry Styles" he smiled, You shook his hand and smiled, "(y,n)" You smiled. You started to talk for a while and soon a few minutes turned into half an hour, into an hour, 2, 3, 4 and then you finally had to go. Harry gave you his number and told you to give him a call and that's exactly what you did. 


You was in the book store looking at everything there when you can across just the one you wanted, you pulled it out but instead of just that one coming out all of the ones on the other side came out. You shut your eyes at the load bang then opened them again and looked through the small gap in the shelf. You looked through when suddenly a pair of brown eyes appeared, you jumped back and the person on the other side chuckled. "Sorry if I scared you love" the person said, you smiled and laughed, "er sorry if I made a mess" you smiled. He chuckled and picked up the books and put them back on the shelf, blocking your view of him, You opened your mouth to speak but just sighed instead. You picked up the many books You had and nearly dropped them but someone caught them, you looked back up to see those beautiful brown eyes again. "Clumsy one aren't you" he laughed, "em yeah" You blushed, he just laughed again, "My names Liam" he smiled, "Hi im (y,n), er thanks" You said. "So you have a lot of books you no" he smiled, "yeah I love to read" You smiled, "me too, what types of books" he asked. "All sorts, fantasy, action, romance" You smiled. "Really" he asked and you nodded, we walked over to the counter and paid then Liam asked if you needed help carrying them back to my house and you said yes. When you got there you hung for a little bit and talked, you agreed to meet up again and that's what you did.


You was at the carnival and was going on the roller coaster, you're friend was to chicken so you was going on by yourself. You was put in the front and a boy was seated next to you. You looked at him and smiled, "Hi" he said, "hey" you said back. "Whats a girl like you coming on a big roller coaster like this on her own" he asked smirking, "what coz im a girl I cant ride big roller coasters" you asked raising an eye brow. "Well we will have to find out" he smiled, you laughed and nodded. You found out his name was Louis and he was really sweet, you ended up spending the rest of the day together. He is really funny and has a strange obsession with stripes and toms. You decided to hang  out again tomorrow and You cant wait.


You was visiting Ireland for a week as you had always wanted to go there but you're parents would never take you. You was just walking around when you bumped into someone and fell backwards, "Oh My God are you ok" you heard an Irish accent say, "em yeah" you said, you looked up to see a cute blue eyed blonde boy starring down at you with worried eyes. He held out his hand, "here" he said and you took a hold of it and he pulled you up, "thanks" you smiled, he looked at you and grinned, "your not from around here are you" he smiled. "No just on holiday, I live in London" you smiled, "cool" he said. "Oh sorry my names Niall, Niall Horan" he smiled. "(y,n)" you say putting out you're hand to shake, he shook it and smiled. "Would you like a little tour shall we say" he asked, you smiled and nodded, "that would be lovely" you smiled. He showed you all around and it turns out the hotel you're staying at is only a few streets from his and he said as you're here all alone, you can hang out with him, this is going to be great.


You was in Starbucks working as usual and got a text from you're friend, you looked down and smiled but then heard a small cough. You're head shot up and a hot boy with jet black hair and brown eyes was starring at you. "Oh sorry what can I get you" you smiled, he smiled at you and raised an eye brow. "What do you recommend" he asked, "well er I usual have the cappuccino but its no-" "ill have two" he smiled, you nodded and made them and put them on the counter, "is that all" you asked not dare taking you're eyes from his. "em lets see can I have your number" he asked cheekily, you blushed and nodded and gave it to him. "Thanks and here you go" he said sliding the cappuccino over to me, You smiled and he walked off. When it finally came to the end of the day, you locked up and walked outside, "great" you mumbled, it was pouring down with rain, you sighed and put you're hood up. You were walking up the path when a black BMW pulled up and the window rolled down, it was the guy that you served. "Need a lift" he asked, you hesitated but nodded anyway, you got in and he smiled. "Where to then" he asked, "Trades road" you said, "wow that's quite a walk, good job I did pick you up and btw my names Zayn" he smiled. "Thanks and im-" you started but he cut you off. "(y,n) I no name tag" he smiled, you smiled back and he dropped you off. He called you straight after and you two decided to hang out tomorrow, you cant wait, this is great.





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