The Creator

She is the creator of Vampires, Werewolfs, and Shape-shifters. She is going to meet the Volturi, the Cullen's, the Denali's, and the Quileute wolves. Putting fear into the fearless Volturi and making her on rules. Bringing back someones mate and another's sister. Athanasia is powerful and a born leader. She makes enemies, friends, and finds the ones she can call family, but the best part for her is when she finds the one she can spend the rest of eternity with.

*The Twilight Saga belongs to Stephenie Meyer...


2. Volterra, Italy

~~ Chapter 1


 Getting to Volterra was easy. I traveled from Australia to Italy in less than a minute through transporting, one of my favorite ways to travel besides running for I enjoyed it. When I was in Italy I found the road in which led to my destination; after checking for any signs of cars --- or of course people --- I made one appear. The car was a 2007 Ferrari F430 Spider in black. I hopped in and cranked the engine, the sound was heavenly. I had a thing for fast cars, but honestly I believe all supernatural beings do. Volterra was my main focus as I sped down the road like a madman.

 I found a place close to the castle to park my car as I made it to my target place and the near by humans stared. I debated on which entrance would be best for entering the castle, but decided on the front. I looked around as I walked inside; Not bad, I thought. I saw an elevator and hurried on, pressing the one button that took me to the floor that held to the throne room.

When it came to a stop I walked off, only stopping when I caught sight of a human women behind a desk; she had dirty blonde hair, green eyes, and a slim body. Honestly, she was a very pretty human. I on the other hand had red hair, silver like gray eyes, and a perfectly slender body, but I wasn't one to brag. When you've lived as long as I have you can't help but compare yourself to humans.

 As I walked towards the desk she turned to look at me.

 "Ciao(Hello)," she said with a kind smile.

 "Buon pomeriggio(Good afternoon)," I replied.

 "Come posso aiutarvi?(How can I help you?)," she asked.

 "Parli inglese?(Do you speak English?)," I asked her. She stared at me then finally spoke.

 "Yes, not good," I nodded and took note of her noticeable accent. It wasn't heavy, so it was comprehensible. I decided to test the waters and see how well she could speak English.

 "Where in the the castle, is the Volturi?" She thought about it then responded.

 "Do you...know them?" I sighed.

 "Something like that. So where are they?" I asked.

 "Um...they are in the throne room." I nodded and smiled. I stepped away from the desk and looked away from her for a minute; turning back I smiled again.

 "Si parla bene l'inglese, ma è necessario più pratica(You speak English well, but you need more practice)," I said. She nodded at me and I walked away, then stopped again.

 "Oh sì, e grazie(Oh yes, and thanks)," I turned back around and headed for the throne room.

 "You are welcome," she said as I made my way down the hall. I could tell that she was a bit hesitant in letting me go --- but sensing that I wasn't human, she probably thought it was wise. The only human qualities that I possess are my ability to eat human food and sleep; my outside appearance is inhumanly beautiful, even more so than a vampire. Like the Volturi I wore a cloak, the difference being that mine was white with silk and had a silver chain attached.

 I approached the door that led to the throne room. I knew it was the room I was told they would be in, I could hear them talking and there were many of them. Smiling I opened the door and walked in. At the sound of the door everyone turned their attention in my direction.

 "Who are you?" Someone hissed, it only made me laugh.

 "How dare you laugh?" he asked again. I stopped when I heard growls being released in the air. I was amused by their behavior and turned to the man who spoke. Not surprised to see it was Caius.

 "What?" I asked with a smile. The glare he gave me was comical, for lack of better words. I looked around to see their guards in crouches while the constant sound of growls and hiss erupted from their chests, as the instinct to defend their masters took over.

 I could feel that someone was using their gift on me --- which didn't really matter --- and were having no luck; the gift was supposed to cause me tremendous pain. Turning to the owner of said gift I glared at her.

 "I would stop that if I were you little girl," I sneered. Usually I'm not aggressive to people, even if they did something to me, but something about the Volturi made them the exception to my aggressive side. The looks they all gave me were ones of hate.

 "Silence!" Aro told his guard and they obviously obeyed his command as the slipped out of their crouches, but were still tensed to attack if needed. "Who are you?" Aro asked. Giving another smile I spoke.

 "Call me Athanasia or mother," I gave a satisfied smirk.


 ~Chapter end~

The Italian may be wrong, I used a translator.







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