The Creator

She is the creator of Vampires, Werewolfs, and Shape-shifters. She is going to meet the Volturi, the Cullen's, the Denali's, and the Quileute wolves. Putting fear into the fearless Volturi and making her on rules. Bringing back someones mate and another's sister. Athanasia is powerful and a born leader. She makes enemies, friends, and finds the ones she can call family, but the best part for her is when she finds the one she can spend the rest of eternity with.

*The Twilight Saga belongs to Stephenie Meyer...


1. Prologue

~~ *The Twilight Saga and Characters belong to Stephenie Meyer



 For thousands of years my creations have lived. I have created vampires, werewolf’s, and shapeshifters. The first vampire to exist was a man named Henry. He was twenty-eight years old when murdered. He was my best friend and I loved him like a brother. You see...I have power that no one could ever have, unless I gave it to them; which I wouldn't think of doing. The power I possess could end or save a life, it could be used for good or bad.

 When Henry was killed I decided to bring him back to life, but this time I wanted to change him and make him better. I gave him strength, speed, beauty, and immortality. I should have done it right; because of my anger towards the humans that killed him I created a monster that could kill the very beings that killed him.

 I'll be honest; I did regret creating this creature, so that's when werewolf's come in. I learned that what I created could infect other humans and change them into vampires. I wasn't going to go around killing everyone of them myself, so I created werewolf’s to do it for me. They did kill some, but soon the wolves began to feed off of humans as well.

 At this point I wasn't sure what to do. So I went on trying to save as many humans as I could. I found Henry over a hundred years later; dreading what needed to be done and reluctantly killed him. Of course I tried to turn him human again, which was a bad idea --- it wouldn't work and only made him worse. I learned that once someone becomes a vampire or werewolf that I can't change them back. I know it doesn't make sense since I turned Henry into a vampire, but that's how it is. I can make a human into anything, but if that thing allows them to still have access to a human like body than I can not make them human again, but if it's something like a tree or rock etc. I can make them human again. That's what I used to think anyway, now after all these of years I can turn a vampire or any other of my creations human again, but they can't be over one hundred years old.

 I can also turn an animal human, and if I do they will end up with two forms; human and that animal. That's where shapeshifters come from. It was an experiment to see if I could change an animal human. There were only a few of them; wolf, tiger, fox, bear, and panther. They could change into humans but not for long, the transformations only lasted for three years before they couldn't turn human anymore. One thing they kept was their communication, meaning that they were smarter than your average animal. The creation of shapeshifters happened years after the creation of vampires and werewolf’s.

 Soon I made the first shapeshifting human, her name was Raylip. She could change into any species she wanted to. It was amazing. We spent one-hundred and seventy-four years together and we learned a way to kill vampires. You had to rip them apart and burn the pieces. The only creature who had no need to be burned were werewolf's. Just like how vampire venom is poison to werewolf's, werewolf's venom is poison to vampires. Crazy right? I bet your thinking, "Werewolf’s have venom?", surprisingly they do.

 Of course both types of venom is poison to shapeshifters, sadly that's how Raylip died. I wanted to save her, but she stopped me and said:

 "You can't save everyone. Sometimes we are meant to die. You'll know when you're really meant to save someone."

 Her words have always been on my mind, I knew that she was right and I begrudgingly took her advise. So ever since then I only save a life when it is essential.

 About two centuries later l learned of a coven called the Romanians who became the rulers of the vampire world. I didn't care, to me it was a lot of help. They enforced rules or laws, but their rule ended centuries later when another coven called the Volturi came and destroyed them. The only two left were Stefan and Valdimir. The Volturi began their rule. The leaders were Aro, Cauis, and Marcus. They gained new members and over the centuries had two leave, surprisingly they weren't forced to stay.

 The Volturi still rule today and I notice how they have become Power hungry and devilish in ways. I don't really pay attention to them, for I have to also watch the werewolf’s and shapeshifters. I don't go around watching, I use my magic every decade to check on each of my creations.

 Thanks to Cauis the werewolf’s were hunted to near extinction, which I do not appreciate. After what he did there were only four left and only one of them was a female. They have all died now, but there is a new generation. The werewolf’s try to not bit anyone, which I am grateful for. The transformation is as painful as it is to become a vampire. Werewolf’s can not live forever like a vampire or shapeshifter can, the longest is three-hundred years.

 The shapeshifters are able to kill vampires --- like werewolf’s --- but they have to shift into a curtain animal. If they are whole shifters (meaning they can shift into any species) or even just part shifter (meaning they can only shift into one animal) than they can kill vampires and it depends on the animal. This includes (any kind of...), wolf, fox, tiger, lion, leopard (also called panther), and cheetah. These are the only ones because they are some of the fiercest animals alive. Well I'm not so sure about the fox, but they aren't slow. Whole shifters can live forever, but a part shifter can only live forever if they don't stop shifting.

 Here I was, the year 2012 and I was prepared to finally make my presence known. I was going to Volterra to meet the Volturi.

 After all I am practically their mother.



Thanks for reading.







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