Gender switch on hold

One direction were the happiest boyband on earth till an angry jealous witch changes that forever. Can 1D survive a normal teenage girls life or will they get in trouble


6. New stars.

Niall's POV

I study my body carefully. I looked pretty fit for a girl. Will eating ruin that?

"Say, El, do you think my eating habits will ruin my figure?" I ask her

"Niki, you've got wayyyy worse things to worry about." She laughs . I pout and slouch in my seat.

I don't like being a girl. We arrive at the Modest! management building and file in.

"Hello, do you have an meeting scheduled?" A lady asks

"Well... No..... Bu"" Then you can't enter. Sorry have a wonderful day." She smiles and returns to work .

"Ok! Thank you love !" Louise exclaims walking away, Harriet grabs her shirt collar." Not so fast, Lou ." Her grins and Louise frowns

"Oh fine." She agrees and pouts next to Harry .

"Oh, wait you are one directions girlfriends, right?" The lady asks and we nod.

"Ok second floor third door to your right." The lady says

We walk into the elevator and see Simon Cowell standing there.

"I think I'll take the other elevator." Perrie says pulling El along

The elevator music of course is playing one of our songs. And naturally we sing along to our parts.

"You girls are good , I like you!" Simon says and we all hug each other .


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