Gender switch on hold

One direction were the happiest boyband on earth till an angry jealous witch changes that forever. Can 1D survive a normal teenage girls life or will they get in trouble


8. announcement

Louise POV

I sit back and turn on the tv. Every channel I flip to is covering the 1D missing tragedy. I miss being a boy .

But being a girl , I can get away with being fierce. Plus I'm hot. I was Harry stayed a boy.

I've had a boy crush on him. But it's just one. Everyone has a crush on someone they wanna be that's the same gender.

Why am I talking smartly? I mean it's my thoughts! I must be going crazy.

I draw my attention back to the tv.

"This morning,British Boyband, One Direction, were found missing. Police suspect a plane crash in the ocean."


"But as one band goes missing, a new one joins the spotlight. British girlband , The Way, might even be the new 1D. Consisting of Harriet, Louise, Zayanna , Nicole, and Lia. This band is growing big all over the wor" I shut of the tv and grunt.

Just one little break but noooo, we had to start all over again.

I can't break out of the band, I don't wanna break the lads hearts. I sigh and go to sleep

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