(Sequel to G. R. E. E. N SQUARED) Several months have passed since Lucy found out she was Mr Green, and since then has been experimented on and imprisoned by Megra who anticipates the extraction of the algorithm from Lucy's eyes so she can release the decoded shades to the three other countries G. R. E. E. N is based in.
Then G. R. E. E. N will expand and continue their projects to "make the worlds future safer." Such as reducing the population by weaponising Malaria and toppling some of the strongest Governments in the world. Dixon is still recovering from the wounds to his back, and spends most of his time on crutches. He lives in hiding assuming G. R. E. E. N is over, as Megra tells him, but despite this he still receives messages from 'OE.' Bernie however is torn between two lives and is being forced to bargain with one of them for the other. As G. R. E. E. N becomes closer to the algorithm, can the three pull together one last time to stop them, with help from OE?


4. Catch Up, Towels and Dixon loses his nerve


   Roach Becket hadn't changed. She had a glow about her. No scars or bruises (that they could see with their eyes), however they didn't know the scars left underneath. Lucy couldn't believe that her sister was standing in front of her, and without thinking walked to her, and poked her in the nose, to convince herself Roach was real.

   "Oi!" She shouted, in her Welsh accent, "Lucy! And what the fuck is that smell? What the hell happened to you? And what is that OE rubbish?"

   "I think you mean what happened to you." Bernie chipped in.

   "What? I was captured by G. R. E. E. N, blah, blah, no help from you people. They tortured me and gave me a right bashing, I don’t like to talk about it."

   "Roach I explained this to you," Dixon hopped forward on his crutches, "We all thought they killed you." Dixon reached his hand out to her but she pushed it away.

   "What so you all just thought fuck her! Let's leave her to die!"

   "G. R. E. E. N doesn’t usually spare people." Lucy opened her mouth, which she hadn't done in a while. 

   "Well they didn't spare me. Someone broke me out. He said his name was Lanlo. He told me he was dead, and that I should remember him. On the brink of death I was." Bernie, Dixon and Lucy looked at each other realising all four of them had met the same person, and that person ultimately died for Roach. Lucy had never been very emotional and had all focused on one girl. To bring down G. R. E. E. N. She knew Roach wouldn't want to venture back into the belly of the beast, so Lucy gave her a reason. The only reason she could think of.

   "You're my sister... Roach." Roach looked at Lucy and laughed.

   "She on crack? Crazy bitch."

   "No. No I'm not. Our father was the one who published the first G. R. E. E. N book, he was called Lear Cyrudl. Lucy Radler is an anagram of his name. My real name is Emma. Emma Becket. G. R. E. E. N killed our father through poisoning him… the poison was green. I have been on the run ever since. You were young enough to be kept hidden, but mum lost her mind so she fled. Before that Mr Green experimented on me, and implanted the algorithm needed to decode the G. R. E. E. N shades in my eyes. They are close to finding the answers and are getting ready to reveal them to the three other countries G. R. E. E. N is based in." Roach wore a confused look as she turned to Dixon.

   "What the fuck is this, Dixon?"

   "It's the truth, Roach. I'm sorry."

   "Bernie aren't you going to say anything?"

   "There's nothing else to say."

   "What is that it? You're just going to stare at me? Why tell me all this shit anyway?"

   "It's not shit, Roach," Lucy stepped forward to her but Roach backed away, "I've told you this because I need you to help us bring down G. R. E. E. N. We need everyone we can get."

   "What the fuck?! I'm not going back there! Do you know what they did to me!"


   "If Lanlo hadn't found me-"

   "Roach," Bernie broke in, "We met him, and now he's dead. We need as many people as we can get.

   "I am not going anywhere near you! You're just a bloody pervert!" Bernie sighed, "All of you just piss off! The first time I text and everyone turns up!"

   "Wait,” Dixon said, “The first time?” Something didn’t add up.

   “That doesn’t matter, Dixon,” Lucy added in, “I don’t understand why they let you go.”

   “Neither do I but I was flipping grateful, not thanks to you useless lot!”

   “So,” Bernie tried to lighten the mood, “Did you to sleep together before she was captured?”


   “Piss off!” Roach was angry, “Stop imaging rubbish that doesn’t matter!”

   “I didn’t hear a ‘no.’”


   “Everyone fucking shut the fuck the hell up!” It seemed Dixon, just for a moment, lost his nerve and his mind. Everyone stood still and silent staring at him, as he wasn’t one to do what he had just done, “Roach, make me some tea, Bernie have a lie down, but not on my bed as I want it clean, Lucy have a fucking shower!” The three stared at him, bemused, “Move!” Lucy, Bernie and Roach scuttled out. Roach was last to leave, and she turned to Dixon who was slumped on the sofa.

   “We ok Dixon? You and me? After everything that happened, we ok?”

   “Yes. Fine. Are you?”

   “Why wouldn’t I be? Oh because some weird bitch who I think is a lesbian turns out to be my sister? No, I’m fine, I'm so bloody fine!”

   “It is true. I swear to you. I wouldn’t lie to you after what happened. I feel that… what did happen brought us closer together.”

   “I’d rather most of it didn’t happen to be perfectly honest.”

   “I know. I know. Do you believe she is your sister?”

   “Half of me doesn’t want to even fight it. I’ve taken so much shit these past months, I’m just so drained,” She walked over to Dixon and sat next to him.

   “I understand Roach. Really, I do. I mean, someone shot me in the back. I’ll probably limp for the rest of my life. I’ll never be able to-”

   “Have children,” Roach cut in, tears welling into her eyes, “ I can’t ever have children… they, they totally destroyed my womb. I don’t think I’ve come to terms with it… I probably won’t ever,” G. R. E. E. N had left its mark on Roach, “And, I want to cry, but I can’t. I feel like I’m grieving. For my unborn children.” Dixon placed his hand on Roach’s shoulder.

   “I’m so sorry. I really am.”

   “They had no right to take them away. Those bastards. Who will want me now? Nobody.”

   “Don’t think like that. People will want you, people see past these things, and those who love you will.” Roach then acted purely on impulse. She shot forward and kissed Dixon, pushing him back. It was the one pure, perfect moment Roach and Dixon had experienced since she had gone missing… only to be ruined by someone standing by the door.”

   “Sorry, Lucy can’t find a, woah! Hey, I knew you two had done the dirty!” Roach turned to see a sniggering Bernie.

   “Fuck off!” Roach grabbed a pillow from the sofa and through it at him, he ducked, and ran off.

   “First room on the right, top draw!” Dixon called after him. Roach slammed the door shut and sat next to Dixon.

   “Right. Don’t really know where we go from here.”

   “I do,” Dixon smiled, “I know.”

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