The Movellas College of Fandoms

Elsa The Snow Queen
Glacier Ice
Annabeth Shadownight☕
This is a college for All Fandoms.
Application forms will be in first chapters.
There will be Fandoms as subjects and homework for each one.
As soon as you enter we will add you as a student.


1. Application

WELCOME To The Movellas College of Fandoms!


At this college, each subject will be a fandom and you will be given homework for each one.

(It will be fandom based.)

There will be teachers/Professors  for each subject, If you are a Professor you can send me, Glacier Ice of Annabeth Shadownight your work for the students. These are the following subjects.

Dr.Who (taken by Daleks Writer/ Mr. Scope)

Divergent (taken by Danita Shadownight/ Mrs Eaton)

Hunger Games (taken by Gravity/Ms WandArrow)

My Little Pony (taken by XxMoonPrincessxX)

Disney (Taken By Glacier Ice)

Frozen: (Yes, It needed its own Subject, Taken by Elsa The Snow Queen)

Harry Potter (Taken by ThatGirlWithASpoon/ Mrs Spoon)

X-Men (Taken by Pikachunicorn)

Mortal Instruments (Taken by Chloe_123_x/ Miss Lightwood)

Percy Jackson (Taken by Try Hard Ninja/Delilah Arende)*future wife of Leo Valdez*

Star Wars (Taken by Annabeth Shadownight)

(We may add more in the future)


If you are a student, you must fill in this form.




Hogwarts House:


Godly Parent: 

(You can be a Hunter of Artemis if you wish.)



If you are a teacher, You must fill in this form:


Teaching Name: (eg. Mrs Shadownight.)

Subject I would like to teach:

Why I would like to teach that subject:


The School opens on August 10th so make sure you enter soon!

All applications will be accepted unless you are a Professor applying for an already taken subject.

It would be unfair to start school in the middle of summer.

-Elsa, Annabeth and Glacier Ice.

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