The Bird Who Couldn't Fly

This is a story... A story about a little bird... A little bird who could not fly. Always being made fun of by the other birds... But will you look beyond the words.. Will you see deeper into the soul of this story? Or are you just another person that doesn't understand the writing on the pages.


1. Kiwi

     There once was a bird. He wasn't like the other birds. No he was special. He couldn't fly. But he was not a penguin, nor was he an ostrich. No, no. For this bird was a Kiwi. He didn't quite have wings like the average bird, he was also quite small compared to others. When he was young he was quite happy. He did not know that he was so different. He did not know that he would soon be the target of bullying. No. For when he was young he had not a clue about his disadvantages. He would play. But when one day when he went to play with everyone else. They all started to go some place else. They did not really make an excuse why. They would just stick up their beaks and walk off. This lead the little Kiwi to wonder. Why won't they play with me? What did I do? Have I upset them? Is there something wrong with me? He was not old enough yet to understand why everyone would not play with him. He had no idea he was being exiled for the way he was. He could not change how he looked or what he was able to do.

      One day he went to the play ground and asked who wanted to play with him. This time no one stayed. Not even one bird stayed to play with him. They all stuck up their beaks and walked off. Kiwi looked down at his feet. Sad that no one wanted to play with him or be his friend. By this point Kiwi had no friends. He was not as happy as he once was as a young child. He is now sad. Kiwi began to cry. One bird approached the crying Kiwi. He asked why Kiwi was crying. Kiwi the told the bird that no one would play with him and he didn't know why. The bird simply looked at him and said that it was because Kiwi was a freak, that he was fat and ugly, and that he had no wings and couldn't fly. Then the bird said that Kiwi was a loser and walked off. Kiwi began to cry more. The little bird was simply alone now. He was very sad. As Kiwi got older he stopped eating as much. He realized that he was fat and he needed to change that. Kiwi got older and made his own nest in a tree nearby his childhood nest. Kiwi still hadn't made any friends, he hadn't found anyone interested in being his mate either. Kiwi knew he was a freak now. He knew that he would be all alone.

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