Marvelous Marissa

A story I wrote with my best friend a few years back. Figured I would share this with you guys. This whole story is about the wonderful story behind friends and the many grand adventures that you have with them.


2. School Surprise

             Well, today right when I walked into my classroom, I saw a tall man with short brown hair and semi formal clothing. I was trying to figure out who he was but I  had no clue. It turns out that he is REALLY nice because as soon as I sat down at my desk he said, " Hi Marissa." What?" uh-oh did I really just say that out loud? *FACEPALM* Whatever. He was really calm and cool. He just played it off like nothing even happened. So we just continued to do our morning DLR's and then went to full band rehearsal. I play the flute. So when we got to the band room, Mrs.. Leadmen told us to take out our instruments and warm up . Then I asked Mrs. Leadmen what we were supposed to do. She said, ''How about you play Au Claire De La Lune."  I had just started to play when she put her quiet sign up, so we had to stop playing our instruments. Then she said  raise your hand and I cam choose you to do a solo. So I raised my hand as high as I could reach, and before I knew it  she called on me. I had no clue what to play so I just played Mary Had A Little Lamb. I was so happy I didn't even mess up once and when I finished everyone clapped for me! Then she called on this one girl named Sienna who plays clarinet. She wanted to play Hot Cross Buns, personally I think that song is so easy. I mean I already got it checked off in my song book. I thought she was a little off but everybody still clapped for her. Whatever forever.

             After we had band, we went back to our classrooms and had snack time. I had cheese and  crackers. Snack time is awesome when its right after band because while playing your instrument you get so hungry and light headed. After snack was over, we headed to gym class. Today was fox's closet* and obstacle courses which was really awesome! So I grabbed a jump rope and beat my own record. My new record was now 5 minutes and 39 seconds of nonstop jump roping. "Isn't that a long time?!?" I asked Wendy. "Yeah, I guess, but I bet that I could beat that." No you can't" Oh  you wanna bet? I could do anything better than you." Well then tell me how I beat the school record." I shot back at her.  ' It's not gonna be the school record after I get finished with you!" Whatever I'm not gonna fight with you Wendy. All I have to say is let the best man win." So Wendy went into the closet and grabbed a jump rope. She tried and tried and she still couldn't beat my record. She will never in a million years ever beat my record. So I don't have anything to worry about.

             Then we were done with gym. We went straight to lunch . It was so different. Wendy and I didn't sit with each other due to this fight-competition-argument thing. So today I sat next to Terra. She is a lot more fun than I thought she was gonna be. So like I do or should I say did with Wendy ,we got the same thing at lunch. Today for lunch we got a salad with pineapple chunks and chips.

             "So how is your day in Mr. Anderson's class today?" Good, how has yours been?" Well Mrs. Elle is an awesome fifth grade teacher!" That's good!" I wish we could be in the same class." I said '' Hey, but at least we got to sit by each other at lunch." We really need to hang out again after school!

             After lunch we went straight into outdoor recess. It was so much fun because I played tag with Terra, Sophie, Taylor, and Julie. I was ''it' first and tagged Taylor, then she tagged Julie and it went so on and on and on and on until recess was over.

             Recess and math class passed quickly and dismissal time came. I had no homework because it was a Friday. So I got home and called Sophie to see if she could sleep over. I was so happy when she said, " Yeah I can sleepover. I'll be over in like 15 minutes, I have to change into comfy clothes.'' Around 15 minutes later Sophie got to my house then we went up to my room. We watched movies for a little while then they decided to go out and jump on the trampoline. '' Hey Sophie let's jump off the tree house onto the trampoline!" Ok but you have to do it first." OK!"

             While both of us were on the tree house, I pushed Sophie off thinking it would be funny: it was not. Sophie flew through the air landing on the ground with a thump. She started crying and I knew something was wrong. Immediately I felt terrible. My mom came running outside, " What is going on girls?" "I may have accidentally on purpose pushed Sophie off of the tree house." I mumbled under my breath. "Marissa," my mom screamed " Her left wrist is broken!" At this point Sophie was drenched in tears so I went inside to call Sophie's mom and told her the bad new. As I walked back outside, mortified, I talked to Sophie so I could calm her nerves. "I'm really sorry Sophie." "It's fine, I know you meant well. At least your mom is a nurse."

             About 10 minutes later Sophie's mom pulled up in our driveway. She was very scared about what happened to Sophie. She was going to take Sophie to the hospital right away. Sophie's mom drove her back so that we could talk bout what had happened and sure enough Sophie's wrist was broken. Her wrist was wrapped up in a teal cast that stretched from her knuckles to her elbow. I felt so bad because now we couldn't ever play outside together.




*Fox's closet is when you can use/play with anything in the gym... something from my elementary school

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