My Daddy Has No Face

One cold friday 13th, Slender Man is out in the woods, looking for his next victim.. Instead, he finds a little girl wrapped in blankets. Unlike him, he decides to take her in and look after her, hoping one day she'll become a cold hearted killer.


2. 2 - My child

Four years later...

It was a cold night, perfect for the Slender Man to stalk his next victim. The wind was powerful, making all the trees brush together, making  a soothing sound. Rochelle giggled behind her father's tall legs, hugging onto an old, ripped teddy bear. Why did Rochelle come to the woods with her father you ask? Well, she couldn't be left alone in the mansion, she'd be found by one of the many creatures there. She was much safer out in the woods with Slender Man. The moon was bright and full and the howling of werewolves on this cold friday 13th could be heard for miles on end. Tonight was a special night. On this night, four years ago, Slender Man was stalking the woods for his next victim, when he scared off those ladies and found Rochelle. Since then, she'd grown lots. At first, she thought her father was strange, but then she grew to understand why he was strange. But she still couldn't understand where her Mummy was and why her father had no face. These questions were asked almost everyday. 
 "Daddy?" Rochelle asked, pulling on Slender Man's suit jacket. He looked down at his smiling daughter dressed in a trench coat and jeans and nodded.
 "Yes, Rochelle?" He replied, pinning yet another page to a different tree like he did so on these nights to lure his victims to him. 
 "Why is Mummy never here when we go to put people to sleep? Why is she never here? Doesn't she like me..." Slender Man could see the tears in his daughters eyes, making his heart sink. I've told her many times.. She does not have a mother.. Why can't she understand? He thought, grabbing Rochelle's hand and pulling her behind a thick, fat tree.
 "How many times have I told you this, Rochelle? You do not have a mother, just me.. I'm sorry. She would love you if she could see you." He said, his blank face scrunching up, trying to smile. Rochelle looked up at him and smiled the sweetest smile he'd ever seen. 
 "I love you, Daddy!" She shouted, hugging his leg. She was simply too short to reach his torso. All she could reach was his leg. He found it cute how she was always hugging him... But he also thought she might be scared of the other creatures living in the mansion.
 The night went quickly and before anyone knew it, it was Saturday. Now, every child has to go to preschool or kindergarten or something like that, right? That's what the happy father thought. He can't really go out in public thought can he..  Exactly, so, he got one of his many proxies to go and sign her up for preschool. When he told her she was going to preschool, her face lit up like a child on christmas. He had never seen her so happy. That night was a cold, windy night. If you walked outside, you'd be blown away for sure. So, like a good father, Slender Man was reading Rochelle a story called 'Go The Fuck To Sleep'. Weird kinda story, but she found it interesting. 
 "Daddy?" Rochelle asked, getting out of bed and walking over to her father sat in the rocking chair on the far side of the tiny room.
 "What is it?" 
 "Why can't you go outside? You don't scare me!" Rochelle laughed, putting her hand on her hips and standing brave. Her father laughed, but didn't understand why she wasn't scared... I suppose it was because he was her father. 
 "Because.. The other people find me scary.. You might not, but some people do.. It's just how life works, Rochelle." Slender Man said, lowering his head, not looking at his daughter. Now, every child looks up to their parents and wants to follow in their footsteps. Rochelle wanted to follow in her fathers footsteps so badly, but of course, she had to learn to become a killer. 
 "Daddy, when I grow up I wanna be just like you!" Rochelle yelled, making the whole house shake. And suddenly, footsteps filled the hallway and Rochelle's door opened.

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