Best Friends (Jai Brooks fanfic)

Linda Watson was an ordinary teen until she met her future soulmate Jai Brooks. Jai was a in a Boy band in high school The Janokians he was with Luke his twin brother Beau,James and Daniel. His Manager Jordan Watson appeared to Be Linda's Father.


4. Here's to never gonna love

"Hi James" I called out

Hey Linda James said

Where's Jai? I asked crossing my arms

Oh he's in the bathroom!!!! James called out

"Is he taking a shower" I said

"Yeah he is and since there's no place for visitors go to his room" He said pointing to the front door

"But James he's taking a shower and who knows if he's wearing a towel or not" I screamed

"Okay Linda Follow me" he commanded he didn't ask he commanded

Okay I said

Knock on the door he said

I knocked

"Hello" Jai said

Hey I said

What Linda what are you doing here he? He said

Umm Jai do you have a towel? I asked

Course!!! He said

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