Last to Know- Harry Styles Fanfic


3. Chapter Three

Harry left the next morning. All I remember him doing is kissing my head and telling me he loves me. I really miss him. I miss the old him. The Harry that kissed me every day, told me he loved me every day, made me breakfast in bed, called me sweetheart. He was changing and I didn't know why. I kept in touch with Liam the most, he was like my brother. So were the other boys but I was closest with Liam. We texted at least every day.

From: Liam 💜


To: Liam 💜

Hi :/

From: Liam 💜

What's wrong?

To: Liam 💜

Me and Harry are on a "break"

From: Liam 💜

Yeah he told me about that. Why? You guys always look so happy together.

That made me frown.

To: Liam 💜

I'm not happy but I don't know what Harry feels. I can't keep doing this. He never sees me anymore. I think he just keeps me here as a back up, just uses me when he wants to have sex. I feel used, really.

From: Liam 💜

Things will get better. I promise. I have to go. I'll text you tomorrow after our show.

To: Liam 💜

Okay. Bye.

I put my phone down and sighed heavily.

"Hey," I said to my dog, Bailey, as she jumped up on the couch.

She looked at me with her head cocked to the side.

"I feel the same way," I told her, rubbing behind her ears.

I felt warm liquid trickling down me face. My nose is bleeding again? All of a sudden, I felt very dizzy. I picked my phone back up and called my friend, Catherine.

"Hello?" Catherine answered.

"Hey," I said.

"What's wrong, my love?"

"Just relationship problems with Harry," I sighed.

"Oh. Do you want me to come over and we can watch movies?"

"I don't know."

"I'll bring some of my peanut butter fudge over," she bribed me.

"Fine," I gave in. "I'll see you soon."

I hung up and sat my phone down on the coffee table. I was seriously really dizzy. I started to stand up but immediately sat back down, afraid of falling. That was the last thing I remembered before I blacked out.

I don't know if you consider this long but I do. I have been working on this chapter an hour just trying to come up with ideas for this. I am actually a very fast typer so the typing didn't matter. It was the ideas. So what do you think is wrong with Rachel? What do you think Harry does when he is on tour?

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