Unexpected Love//Luke Hemmings

"I have always hated him and he has always hated me. Now I'm not too sure. I was supposed to fall in love with him in the play; not in real life."

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11. My Favourite Chapter


It's Monday morning. Today I have school but I don't absolutely dread going today. Luke and I have become the bestfriends we used to be. We were on Skype all night talking and it made me the most happiest I have been in 3 years. God I missed his laugh, smile, jokes, comforting, and loyalness but most of all I missed him.

He has always made me feel better about myself and he has made me a better person. I just wish I knew about his feelings for me 3 years ago so I wouldn't of dated that jerk. I would of dated him.

I always had a little thing for him but I always tried to push it away because I didn't want to ruin our friendship but that only made it ruin our friendship. Ironic eh?

I am headed for Liz's house this morning so she can drive me. She also has to tell me some good news. I wonder what?

I make it to her house in like 5 minutes.

I knock on the door but I can only hear screaming. It's probably her and her brother.

Her brother is 11 and adorable in my opinion but there are those times where you just want to lock him outside. He is quite intelligent for his age.

He memorizes maps in like 2 seconds and he is a computer expert. We call him the DPS instead of GPS because his name is Daniel.

"God just shut up about the stupid smurfs!" She yells as she opens the door.

I laugh and she rolls her eyes.

"He's watching the smurfs and he keeps copying what they say. Like holy shit. He keeps bringing up that they replace certain words with smurf." She says frustratedly which makes me laugh even more.

I walk in to see the brunette. He is tall for his age. He's like 5'8 and eleven years old. WHAT THE HELL!?

"Hey there Daniel. Did you grow?" I ask.

"Smurf morning to you. Indeed I did Rina." He says. Now I can see why she finds that annoying.

"We are going to have girl talk and go to school. Bye Daniel!" Liz says.

"Can I come?" He asks.

"No go back to the smurfs."

"Pretty please with a smurf on top?"

"No. Now SMURF OFF!"

I die when she says that. He pouts and walks away.

We run to her room.

"Okay last night in the middle of the night Ashton came. He was in my window ledge with a bouquet of flowers and he asked me out!" She squeals.

"Oh my god yay!!!" I scream. We start doing our happy dance. I glance at my watch and it's time for us to go to school.

"Time to go!" I scream. We run out the door and say bye to Daniel.

We get into her car.

"I'll come watch play practice after school. I can't miss this kiss." She says.

"Damn. Way to make me more nervous." I say.

I start to shake just thinking about the kiss. I always wondered what it would be like to his him and to hold him but I wouldn't want it happen.

"Thanks for the ride." I say.

-skip to play practice-

Liz and I scream and sing through the hallways to the stage.

We sing Chandelier by Sia and Bang Bang by Jessie J ft. Ariana Grande and Nicki Manaj.

We make it to the stage in the knick of time.

"Bye good luck." She whispers and gives me a quick hug.

I run on the stage to see Luke and Ricky.

"Yay! Now act like you are in love!" Ricky says.

"Hey." I say to Luke quietly. He smiles back.

Luke and I get to the prop which is a balcony and take our places.

"And... ACTION!"

"Alisha, there is something that I have been keeping from you." Like says as he scratches behind his neck like he is nervous but I can tell he isn't acting. He is nervous.

"Chris. We already went through this. We aren't supposed to keep things from each other. We are best friends. Lies aren't the result to a good friendship." I say. This is my cue to walk up to him and touch his shoulder.

"No need to be nervous. You can tell me anything." I say with a smile.

"Well that's the thing. Our friendship is the problem." He says and looks directly into my eyes.

I pretend to feel hurt and back away.

"Wait what? No. I can't loose you. Our friendship means the world to me. I can't Chris. I need you." I say as a fake tear falls. I turn around and don't face him.

And this is when he is supposed to his me.

We walks up to me and spins me around.

He looks me in the eyes and I look at him.

He leans in and he kisses me. In the script it is only supposed to be a peck but before he can pull away I wrap my arms around his neck and deepen the kiss. He grabs my waist and pulls me closer. There is no space between us.

This kiss is like no other. I feel as if it is only is two in the world.

I am only focused on him and the way our lips move in sync.

I forget that dozens of people are watching us.

The kiss gets heated.

Our tongues dance and our hands move.

This is more perfect then anything else in the world.

At this moment I realize that I don't like him as a friend. I need and want more.

We pull apart slowly.

"I need you." He whispers.

"Bravo! You guys seemed so in love!" Ricky screams. "That's it for today." I run off the stage and Luke follows me. I make it to Liz and Luke is write beside me.

"What was that about? The make out session?" Liz question.

"We had to ACT like we were in love." Luke says.

"Yeah but I was supposed to fall in love with you in the play. Not in reality!" I blurt out to him.


I personally love this chapter because that morning scene has happened to me before. Smurf 😂

Thanks for reading!


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