Unexpected Love//Luke Hemmings

"I have always hated him and he has always hated me. Now I'm not too sure. I was supposed to fall in love with him in the play; not in real life."

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23. Last chapter


    Last chapter! Merry Christmas and happy New Years!

          I'm in the taxi on my way to the airport. I'm staring outside the window as I go through every memory I have of me, Liz, and the boys. It feels like just yesterday I was new and Liz showed me around. I still remember the feeling of falling for luke and hating luke. I remember all the inside jokes between Calum and I.  I remember the endless amount of times michael tickled me.  I also remember correcting Ashton's grammar when we were texting at 3:00am.  Most of all I remember everyone as a whole and how they impacted my life.  A tear escapes my eye as my mom places her hand on my thy.

"We are here." She says and Kisses my forehead.  I nod and get out of the car. I take out my suitcases and pull them to the entrance as my mom pays the taxi driver.

I walk in the airport and feel empty. I see all the families going on vacation, I see the couples splitting apart as they say good bye and I also see families saying goodbye to their young ones.

I look down at my watch. Lizs mom should be home any minute and Liz will be convincing her to let me stay with them.  My flight leaves in two hours. These two hours will be my last in Sydney for a while.

We head over to the suitcase checking area and we wait in line. The line is huge so it will take us an hour until we are allowed to go to our gates.

I bet we are the only ones going to Africa. I bet others are going to awesome places like Canada or Disney World In Florida. I always wanted to go there. Seems like fun.  But we are going to Africa. There are a lot of diseases there and I will feel bad where ever I go because there is so much poverty.

I Shouldnt be thinking about the cons. My mom is going there to give out a vaccination and to help make new ones so there are some pros.  I'll learn new things and meet interesting people I could even learn new languages.  Sounds like a lot of work but a lot of fun.  But if I leave I won't get to be with my friends or the person I am in love with. I won't get to see the band grow. I won't get to marry luke like we wanted.  I won't get to be me. The song writer with my partner Liz.  God I hope I can stay with her.   



/////1 and a half hours later\\\\\    



It's around ten minutes before I'm supposed to leave. So far there is no sign of Liz. I'm getting really worried.  I've called her twice and texted her but she hasn't answered.

What happens if I have to go? What happens if I'll never come back? Oh my, what happens if she can't make it so say good bye? It would tear me apart.  My eyes stay closed since I am so exhausted. There's nothing for me to do.

"I'm sorry." I hear a voice say.  I lookup and it's my mom.

"It's okay. It's an offer of a life time." I say. And it's true.

"I love you." She says with a smile.

"I love you too."

My phone buzzes and I look down. One message from Liz.

"On my way to say bye. I'm a couple minutes away." It says.

Say good bye? What? Does that mean I can't stay in Australia? I guess this is it.  I look around and take in my surroundings.

I listen to the accents one last time.  I listen to the slang one last time.  I watch these people and they are the last people I will see in Australia.  I think about the memories I had here: trying to surf, making friends, falling in love and now it's over.

I sigh. "Gate 457 to Cape Town, Africa is now ready to board the plane." The announcer says.

That's us. I won't even be able to say good bye to my best friend. This is so unfair.  I walk along side my mother as we walk to our gates.

The flight attendant checks our tickets and let's us in. We now have to walk down this long bridge to the plane.

I hear a guitar start to play and a few others in the background. I hear a tambourine and I don't bother to look back because it's probably someone trying to get spare change.  But then I recognize the melody and start to him along. I forget the song but I know it from somewhere.  It gets to the chorus and I recognize the song and the players.  I turn around and I see them.

The tears escape as he starts to sing.

"I remember the day you told me you were leaving,  I remember the makeup running down your face.  The dreams you left behind you didn't need them,  Like every single wish we ever made."

I begin to run to Luke as he sings and the boys play their instruments. As he starts to sing the other part he can't. He's crying and my mouth is pressed against his.

We just stand there in the middle of the gate as I kiss him and he kisses back.

The boys cheer and the other people boarding the plane clap. I pull away and wipe his tears.

"I love you forever and always." I say.

"Always.... Just stay." Luke choked out.

"I wish I cant but I can't." I say.

"Oh my god ashton!" I hear Liz scream.  She runs and jumps on him as they begin to full on make out.

"Wow thanks Liz. We feel loved." I say with a laugh. She stops kissing him and laughs.

"Oh yeah. I have some good and bad news." She says.

"Okay bad first." Michael says.

"We don't have room in our house for you." Liz says and I break down. I sit on the ground looking stunned.

"Good?" Calum says.

"The good is we now have to share a room!" She screams. I jump of the ground and jump into her arms. We all begin to scream and cheer.

"I am staying!!!!" I scream       


The end!         



Hello amazing readers.  Hope you Have a happy holiday! And I hope you like the first book in the series of Amnesia! Surprise! There will be more books to come because this is a series!      Love xxSuperWomanxx  Xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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