Unexpected Love//Luke Hemmings

"I have always hated him and he has always hated me. Now I'm not too sure. I was supposed to fall in love with him in the play; not in real life."

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5. Chapter 4

Chapter 4

"Oh my God! YOU the lead role of a play. This is hilarious!" Liz says before she goes into a pit of laughter. I slap her arm to shut her up but it doesn't work.

She stops for a second, looks into my eyes, and starts to burst out laughing again. God she can be so annoying.

I roll my eyes, cross my arms in front of my chest and begin to walk away.

The bell starts to ring and that means it's time for play practice. How fun?

"I'll pick you up when practice is over!" I hear Liz call out.

"Kay!" I scream back without looking her way.

Everyone bumps into me and passes by. Everyone is in a rush to get out of the school, I would be too, but instead I am trapped in geeklandia.

I make my way to the stage room.

I walk in to see people acting out on stage while reading their scripts. There is a ery yet beautiful forest scene in the background.

God this place is horrible.

I walk on stage and try to find Ricky.

I see him talking to some blonde kid. I walk closer and see that it isn't just any blonde kid, it's Luke. This day keeps getting better and better.

Ricky looks my way and runs up to me.

"Hello and welcome to the theatre!" He says while pointing around the stage.

I give him a fake smile.

Ricky is the stereotypical nerd. He has thick black rimmed glasses, sliver shiny braces that have a twinkle whenever he has his dorky smile plastered on his face, he has red hair that swoops over his left eye and he always wears blazers.

To be completely honest he is a cute need but he is not my type.

"You will be playing the beautiful Alisha that is in love with Chris. This play was written by me, directed by me, and produced by me." He says.

He grabs a blow horn and turns it on.

"Attention cast members! Our new lead roles have arrived. Everyone sit in the crowd except for the actors who play Alisha and Chris." He says and everyone goes the the crowd except Luke.

No way.

He can't be Chris.

I feel like I am going to barf.

Luke doesn't look too pleased as well.

"We are going to do some exercises. Okay, Alisha, you go first. Tell us a bit about your self." He says.

"I'm a girl." I say plainly.

"No silly. Tell us your name, age, and say a compliment to Chris." He says.

HA. A compliment.

"My name is trouble, I'm 17, and I don't like anything about him." I say to Ricky.

That was a lie. There's a lot I like about Luke but his attitude makes all the good qualities disappear.

"One compliment or suspension. Your choice." Ricky replies.


Were did this bad ass attitude come from?

I guess I will compliment Luke.

I scan Luke carefully and I can compliment a lot about him.

His beautiful blue eyes that shine brighter then the ocean reflecting the suns rays.

His hair that is a perfect sandy colour that has the perfect height.

His lip ring that is just super hot.

But I decide that I should compliment his top since it is legendary.

"I like your Cobain shirt." I say with a shrug of my shoulders.

Luke nods and smiles at me.

"There you go. Luke your turn." Ricky says while he pats my back. I move away from him because I don't like when people touch me.

"I'm Luke and I'm 20." He says with a smirk.

I laugh a bit at his stupid comment but Ricky doesn't look to pleased.

I see Luke check me out.

"I like your eyes because they say everything that is on your mind." He says.

I am a bit shocked at his comment but maybe he is right.

I have to watch my eyes around him.

"Here are your scripts. Take them home and memorize your lines." Ricky says. "Care to tell us how you guys got here?"

"I got here because the biggest slut in the school made a comment about my father and I beat her up." I say.

"So you beat up Chloe?" Ricky says. I begin to laugh and give him a high five. Even Luke lets out a little laugh.

"I beat up Rina's ex boyfriend because he was calling her a slut behind her back." He says.

I stand there in shock.

"Thanks but you could of walked away." I said.

"So could you. But you didn't." He says.

"Touché. Touché." I say.

They are getting along.

So cute.

How'd ya like it?

Thanks for reading!


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