Unexpected Love//Luke Hemmings

"I have always hated him and he has always hated me. Now I'm not too sure. I was supposed to fall in love with him in the play; not in real life."

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3. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

After a long day of me sleeping in all of my classes, I meet up with Liz to head over to Ashton's place. I sit beside the flag pole and look up to it. The Canadian flag just sways in the wind and it looks free. I always liked the idea of flags. They represent your country and what it stands for.

I grab my sketch book and start to doodle random things that pop into my head.

As I sit there with my back against the pole I feel relaxed until someone pokes me and I jump up in fear.

I look behind me to see a giggling Liz. God that girl pops up randomly.

"Hey hey!" She says and hugs me.

"Hi. Are you ready to go to the love of your life's house?" I say as we walk towards the direction of Ashton's place.

"He doesn't like me." She says looking down.

"Are you seriously on drugs? He flirts with you and stares at you all the time. What do you think that means?" I say.

She perks up and shrugs. She smiles from ear to ear as the words finally sink in.

"I guess you're right!" She squeals. Ew. Crushes and love is just disgusting. I have out up my walls to guard me from heartbreak. I have experienced too much of that.

"So... You and Luke!" She says with a nudge.

"Are you stupid? We HATE each other!" I say.

"You guys used to be inseparable. What happened?"she says.

"I don't know! He started being an ass to me three years ago. Don't ask why." I say with a hint of sadness.

Luke and I were really close until he turned on me that one night...

We make it to Ashton's and ring the door bell.

"I wanna get it!" I hear Calum says.

"NOO! They are my babes!" Michael screams. Liz and I look at each other and laugh.

We hear a loud bang on the door. It sounds like someone ran into it.

Ashton opens the door with Calum and Michael on his back.

I die right there and laugh at him.

"It's not that funny!" He pouts.

"You ran into the door!" Liz laughs out loud.

We hug the boys and walk in to see Luke sitting on the couch and he's on the phone.

"Is he talking to the slut?" I ask Calum.

"Yep. I seriously don't know what he sees in that girl." He replies.

Luke is dating the schools slut, Chloe. We have no idea why he would date such a self absorbed girl. Wait a sec... They have a lot in common. Never mind.

"Bye babe." He says to the phone.

I look over to him and roll my eyes. No matter how much I dislike him he still deserves someone better.

"When are you going to dump her?" Liz asks.

"I don't know. I don't like her, I'm doing this for popularity mostly for the band." He says with a shrug.

"Dude. That's low. We will get our own publicity." Michael says.

"No matter how much of a prick she can be, she doesn't deserve to be used. No one does. No one deserves to have their heart broken." I say to him.

"Like you know anything about heartbreak." Luke says.

"I do because I know the fricken feeling of being used." I raise my voice and stand up.

"Who gives a crap about Taylor? He used you, so what?" Luke says.

I look at him in disgust.

"Luke..." Ashton warns.

"Stop." Liz finishes.

"He almost tried to... You know what never mind. It's not like you give a crap. You were the one who started to act like an ass to me out of no where. You also used me for my writing skills because you dropped me like I meant nothing to you." I say and start walking to the door. I look back and see Luke. He looks defeated and sad.

"Bye." I say.

I run out of the house and scream.

I can't believe he went there with me.

He knows how I felt about that situation.

I sit on Ashton's front steps and begin to let a few tears fall.

I hear the door open.

"Liz. Go." I say.

"But-" she begins.

"No go." I say.

Luke's POV

I'm a major dick. I can't believe I said that. After the whole break up with Taylor she didn't eat or speak for weeks. I can't believe I just did that.

Liz walks in after she went to go to try to talk to Rina.

"You're a major asshole. I hope you know that. You broke her yet again. When the fudge are you going to realize that she doesn't deserve your shit anymore. She is a person and she damn right deserves respect." Liz says. She slaps my face and I feel a tingly sensation on my left cheek.

I see Ashton grab her wrist and hug her to calm her down.

"How could you bring up Taylor?" Michael asks.

"I didn't think it was that big of a deal." I said.

Even though I knew it was.

"The guy beat her and tried to rape her until you saved her. You don't think it's that much of a big deal? You are a stupid-" Calum begins but Michael grabs him.

"Shut up. He doesn't get how much he hurt her this time." Michael says and they walk out.

"She's gone. There's a note that said she went home." Calum screams and Liz sighs.

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