Unexpected Love//Luke Hemmings

"I have always hated him and he has always hated me. Now I'm not too sure. I was supposed to fall in love with him in the play; not in real life."

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17. Chapter 16

Chapter 16

I'm in my room in peace and tranquility. I quietly lay on my bed while watching The Nightmare Before Christmas on the mini TV in the corner of my room.

Jack Skellington is an amazing character and even though it's my millionth time watching this movie, I fall in love with him over and over again every single time I watch it. I know every lyric to every song.

I guess you can say I am a freak but only for the pumpkin king!

As Sally begins to sing about her love for Jack I hear my phone buzz.

I sigh and lean over to grab it.

'1 Message: Luke🐧❤️' it reads.

I wonder what he wants? I know I sound like the best girl friend ever but he usually calls not texts.

'Come over. I am lonely! xx' says the message.

I let out a quiet and annoyed moan while replying 'okay!' To him.

I make my way out of the house in my Roots sweat pants and my school soccer teams sweater.

I go up to the door but as I am about to knock the door flies open and Luke lifts me off the ground and outs me over his shoulder.

My heart races because I am laughing and because I am fearing for my life.

I slap Lukes back with violently kicking my feet.

"Put.... Me... Down!" I scream between my laughter.

He chuckles lightly and throws me on the couch.

"So not cool!" I say as I stop laughing.

He makes his way over to me and sits on top of me.

"But you love me!" He says and I roll my eyes in response.

I push him off my lap and get comfortable while I turn the tv on. I put it to the channel where I was watching The Nightmare Before Christmas. He chuckles at the sight.

"You love Jack more than me!" He pouts and I nod in agreement.

He comes and lays down beside me making sure there is no space between us, without taking my eyes off the tv I kiss his forehead.

"You walked in, everyone was asking for your name.

You just smiled and told them trouble!"

My ringtone goes off and it's the sound of Luke's voice. Heat rushes too my cheeks as I quickly reach for my phone.

"That's awesome!" Luke beams and I put my hand over his mouth as I answer the call which is from Liz.

"Hello?" I say

"AHHHH! We are coming, we are coming!" Is all I hear then the land goes dead.

"What the bloody hell?" I say looking at my phone.

"What's happening?" Luke questions while looking puzzled.

" I seriously don't know." I say still shocked.

The doorbell rings and Luke slowly gets up and opens the door. Liz runs is screaming and the boys follow closely behind her. They all seem excited which concerns yet intrigues me.

"Guess what?" Michael says.

"What?" Luke and I say in unison. His voice excited and mine annoyed.

"We are going on tour!" Ashton screams.

Oh my sweet baby Jesus. Did I just hear what I think I heard? I probably look like a dear in headlights because I am so stunned.

"Louis from One Direction-" Calum begins but I start to scream at the mention of One Direction. God I love Harry! Liz loves Liam but who cares about that, harry is the ultimate sweetie. Liz begins to join my screaming fit.

"As I was saying," Calum says over my screams and Lizs "Louis saw our videos and the got in contact with us through my email saying they want us to be their opening on their next tour!!" Calum beams and we scream again but this time with the guys.

"This could be our major break!" Luke says and I run into his arms.

"Congrats guys!" I scream.

"When's the tour?" Liz asks.

"2 months from Saturday and it's for a long period of time." Ashton says while scratching his neck.

"How long?" I ask.

"10 months." Michael answers.

What? Luke can't leave me for that long. He just can't.

I can't stay a week without him let alone almost a year!

"No. You can't leave us!" Liz says and I remain silent while I sit down on the couch.

"We have no choice. We need this for our careers." Ashton says while soothing her.

Luke makes his way towards me and hugs me.

"Nothing will change between us. I promise." He says and I tighten my grip on his shirt.

"I hope." Is all I can say.

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