Can't Run

''You can't run from everything Carter'' He whispered to me slowly walking past me leaving me there wide eyed alone in the coffee shop with my coffee that was now on the ground. cover made by: exquisiteharry (thank you so much)


6. **Chapter two**



Can't run



''Why is he back...!? What does he want or need I don't understand...'' Holley went on while we were driving again

''I don't know okay! All I know is that we need to go well at least I have to go!'' I said I can't stay here while he will be here I can't!

''What! No way you're staying here he won't even get near you and if he does I will beat the shit out of him don't let him ruin the dream... Our dream we always wanted to come here one day and now he's gonna ruin it no way Carter don't let him go to your head'' Holley said to me it sort of helped but now I am gonna go into depression mode and believe me it's not fun when I do that...

''What if he already is...'' I said just staring blankly ahead of me

''Oh no you're going into depression mode aren't you...'' Holley said

I didn't answer that I couldn't right now I just need to burry myself into bed and never come out again

''Listen were home but remember one thing don't let him go to you're head'' Holley said

''What time will you be back?'' I asked her she had a interview she had to attend to at 3 pm and she already has to leave

''I think around 4 the interview is 30 minutes'' She said I nodded and went inside of the house and as I said before I buried myself in the soft fabric I call my bed can I stay here forever?



''Sleepy head wake up I brought someone that will cheer you up'' Holley said waking me up? Wow I fell asleep real quick wait she brought someone?

''What are you talking...'' I said sitting up but when I looked at my bedroom door I saw Anthony standing there (Lohanthony)

''Anthony!'' I screamed and tackled him to the floor hugging him

''I am also happy to see you Carter but if you don't get off of me I might cut a bitch'' He said I then got off of him and then we all started laughing he was joking of course me and Anthony are really close friends he's probably one of my closest friends I have now

''Just kidding come here'' He said and we hugged

''Wait how are you here you don't live here did you fly out to LA?'' I asked him 

''This bitch called me up to surprise you and then I came and then that same bitch told me you were depressed about something so I ran out of my hotel room in that bitch her car and we drove here to see this bitch'' Anthony said

''I am that bitch and you're that last bitch'' Holley said

We all started to laugh again as you can see this is how we communicate I really missed this so I am happy that he's here

''Now you better get back to you're hotel room to get ready for dinner because were going out with Jenn and Andrea'' Holley said OMG dinner I totally forgot 

''What time do we leave?'' I asked Holley

''8 pm we leave we have reservations on 8:30 were eating sushi btw'' Holley said ''Okay Anthony I will drop you off at your hotel and I will text you when we come and you go take a shower you smell'' Holley said

''Bitch stfu out of my room!'' I said throwing a pillow at her, and her and Anthony left

I showered did my make-up and decided on black skinny jeans a white flowy top and black heels and I left my hair natural flowy


​''Okay so she grabbed my hair pulled it and then tried to grab my phone'' Jenn was telling this story about some crazy chick that attacked her ones

''Holyshit what did you do?'' Holley asked

​''You better punched her across the face'' Anthony said

''Oh I did more than that'' Jenn said smirking making us all laugh

''The bitch deserved it she was crazy remember when she clawed your face'' Andrea said

''Yeah I think I remember that Andrea'' Jenn said making us all laugh again

''We can't make it too late still need to edit the video for tomorrow'' I said

''Bitch I just got here and then you need to edit your video that you should have filmed and edited days ago so you won't have to do it last minute with your lazy ass'' Anthony sassed at me

''Hey leave my lazy ass alone'' I said making us laugh

''But seriously we need to go in a little, Anthony we will get Starbucks tomorrow deal?'' Holley said

''Yeah sure'' He answered after that we payed and we went our separate ways Jenn and Andrea dropped Anthony off at his hotel if I knew he would come he would be sleeping at our house but he already booked everything so it was sort of too late for that


''I really missed these days you know going out and everything we haven't done it in a long time'' Holley said

''Same I am happy we did it again'' I said and we both smiled 

''Wanna watch a movie?'' Holley said putting a bag of popcorn in the microwave

''Need to edit the video I might join later'' I said

''Boo hoo!'' Holey said I just smiled at her 

After that I changed into my pajamas brushed my teeth and washed my face then I layed in bed with my laptop and started to edit the video


''Okay I am done...'' I said entering the living room to see that Holley fell asleep on the couch aw... poor Holley so dumb of her... I thought to myself smirking evilly 

I went to grab some whipping cream and sprayed some on top of her hair then I grabbed a sharpie (that was wash off of course) and started to draw on her face I wrote ''Carter is the best'' on her forehead and maybe a penis on her cheek... hehe...

I then took a picture of her and uploaded it to twitter with the caption:

''@Carter_Mays: Poor @HoleyTrips fell asleep on the couch this is my payback for that prank''

She and Jenn pulled this prank on me a week ago that my phone broke but it was a fake one that broke but I thought it was my real one and if you know me I LOVE my phone

I got some funny reply's and also some hate but I just ignore the hate it's just someone behind a screen in real life they wouldn't dare to say that

After that I went to bed


''Carter Maria Mays where the fuck are you!'' I heard Holley scream I quickly grabbed my camera that was on my night stand started to record and ran to the hallway hey I couldn't miss this

''Hey how was your slumber?'' I asked acting casual

''Yeah I slept really well until something white fell on my face and then I noticed there was whipping cream in my hair? And when I went to get it off I noticed some things were drawed on my face and written do you know who did this perhaps?'' She asked me sarcastic

''No I wouldn't know actually maybe Anthony snook in or something'' I said trying to hold my laugh in but failing in the attempt 

''Oh yeah I think the same'' She said we both then started laughing

''And would you stop filming me?'' She asked while walking to the bathroom as I followed her ''NEVER!'' I screamed dramatically

''Oh and did your mother never learned you to not lie?'' She asked me

''What do you mean?'' I asked her

''Well you shouldn't lie because what is written on my forehead is a big big lie'' She said

''Wow wow what did you expect me to write 'Holley is the best'? Ew no'' I said

''Well you would at least tell the truth'' She said

''In your dreams'' I said rolling my eyes and laughing

''Okay well I just got you back Holley so now were even so just say into the camera that I got you and then you can wash your face'' I said

''I Holley will get Carter back because I don't do even mama only wins'' She said with one eye brows up and smirking

''Come at me bitch'' I said and then we both laughed

''Okay but this was my little prank on her if you saw the picture I tweeted you already knew I did...'' I said but Holley interrupted

''WAIT THERE IS A PICTURE ON TWITTER!?'' I heard Holley scream from the bathroom

''Well okay be sure to follow me on all my social media everything is in the link below and see you guys soon byeeee'' I said while getting tackled to the ground by Holley

''Camera camera camera'' I said pointing at my camera signing that it can't go on the ground

''My face my face my face'' Holley said mocking me

''Haha very funny get off of me'' I said

''Okay and were gonna have coffee with Anthony soon so get ready'' Holley said and we went to get ready



''Okay that will be $12'' The worker at Starbucks said damn... 12 bucks for 3 coffee's

''I will pay I am already happy you guys invited me so it's my treat'' Anthony said

''Aw thanks Ant'' I said

''You guys go to the table I will bring our coffee's'' I said

They nodded and went to find a table to sit down too

When the coffee was ready I brought it too the table and when I took a sip it was a nespresso 

''You guys I didn't order this brb'' I said

''Hey I ordered a caramel machiato this is a nespresso'' I said to the worker as friendly as possible 

''Oh I am sorry it will be right up'' She said and I smiled at her and waited for my drink

''Here you go and again sorry'' She said handing me my new drink ''It okay'' I answered back

As I turned around he was there behind me smirking...

''You can't run from everything Carter'' He whispered to me slowly walking past me leaving me there wide eyed alone in the coffee shop with my coffee that was now on the ground

''Carter!'' I heard Holley yell for me 

''What is it?'' Anthony asked running to me and so did Holley

I ran out of there leaving Holley Anthony and the shocked people there alone in the Starbucks I ran and ran and ran to who knows where...

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