Can't Run

''You can't run from everything Carter'' He whispered to me slowly walking past me leaving me there wide eyed alone in the coffee shop with my coffee that was now on the ground. cover made by: exquisiteharry (thank you so much)


10. **Chapter six**


*ring* *ring*

I heard my phone rang as I woke up from my slumber.

I pushed the white duvet off of me and grabbed my phone pulling it out of the charger next to me on the night stand.

''Hey it's Jenn...'' Jenn said through the phone

She was sounding a little bit off like something was wrong...?

''Hey Jenn whats up?'' Maybe she was calling our colab off we had plans to film next week

''Well it's about Rebecca'' Jenn said sounding unsure. What was she hiding from me?

''Jenn just spill it'' I sounded demanding what was she hiding from me?

''She talked to Ricky'' Jenn said quickly and knowing her she would be closing her eyes and biting her lip

She wouldn't have to finish that sentence because I already know what she was talking about...

''W-ha-a-t... Did she tell him!?'' I screamed into the phone already having tears down my cheeck

''She did Ricky called me about 1 hour ago to ask if it was true'' Jenn said

''What did you say!?'' I asked her

''That he should talk to you because it's not my business'' Jenn said making me a little relieved that she didn't confirm or lie

''Well... Can you and Andrea come over?'' I asked sniffing

''I am gonna leave in a little because I am going to collab, and Andrea is having an interview'' Jenn said making me a little sad that they couldn't come over

''It's okay'' I said

''Well we can come over tonight and watch some movies with you and Holley?'' Jenn asked


I said smiling at the thoughts of us on the couch with popcorn and laughing our asses off to whatever comedy movie we were gonna watch or cry over some soppy romance movie.

''Well we will see you tonight I will text you around what time we will be coming'' Jenn said

''Okay are you guys coming before or after dinner?'' I asked if they will come before diner we would need to make more for us all

''Ahem maybe we can have diner over at your house?'' Jenn asked

''Sure we will make some mac and cheese'' I said to her 

''YAAAAAAAS!'' Jenn screamed into the phone making me happy again 

''Okay bitch but I am gonna eat all the mac and cheese ME ME ME ME!'' I screamed into the phone laughing

''No bitch ME ME ME ME!'' Jenn screamed

We laughed for what felt like forever and then we hung up

I got up and walked into the kitchen where I saw Holley eating breakfast

''Holley...'' I said entering

''Hey morning your plate is here'' She pointed in front of her

''Thank you but I have to tell something'' I said looking at her serious

''What is wrong?'' She asked me

''Rebecca told Ricky'' I said

''What!'' Holley said, the piece of bread that was in her mouth was now on her plate

''I know...'' I said ''I am so dead'' I said

''No your not if Connor does anything he will be the one that is dead'' Holley said

''Call Ricky maybe he didn't even tell Connor anything'' Holley said

''You're right I will call him right now let me get my phone'' I said leaving the kitchen and entering my room, I grabbed my phone and walked back to the kitchen seeing Holley not sitting at the table anymore

''Come to the living room'' Holley screamed sitting there on the couch 

''Coming'' I said entering the living room

''Okay call him'' Holley said

''Yes'' I said clicking on his name

''How do you actually know he knows?'' Holley asked

''Jenn called me this morning she...'' I couldn't even finish because he already said ''With Ricky''


C: Hey Ricky, Jenn called me this morning and I know you know it

R: Know what?

C: Ricky don't play dumb I know Rebecca told you

R: Ahem... I haven't talked to Rebecca in like 2 days

C: What?

R: Yes I went to her house to watch a movie like 2 days ago but we haven't talked since

C: Wait hold up so you know nothing about me like what I told

R: No... Is there something wrong?

C: No I just said something to Rebecca and I told her not to tell anyone and yeah I heard that she told you...

R: Oh ahem no she told me nothing but I will text you later bye

C: Bye


''Okay what the hell?'' I said after he hung up

''You said that Jenn told you right?'' Holley asked

''Yes Jenn said Rebecca told Ricky everything'' I answered her

I got a text from Ricky than

''Wait Ricky texted me'' I said to Holley opening it

Meet me at the park that is close to your house in 1 hour I will explain it

''Look'' I said to Holley showing her the text message

''Wait what?'' Holley said

''Shit I know what s going on...'' I said realizing what was wrong

''What?'' Holley asked me

''Well the guys live together and he was probably with Connor and he told him to put it on speaker...'' I said

''Omg yes! That is probably it'' Holley said

''Well I am not gonna meet him alone what if Connor comes'' I said

''I will come with you'' Holley said to me

''Thank you'' I said

''Well let's get ready we only have 1 hour'' I said to Holley and we both got up to get ready for the day



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