Can't Run

''You can't run from everything Carter'' He whispered to me slowly walking past me leaving me there wide eyed alone in the coffee shop with my coffee that was now on the ground. cover made by: exquisiteharry (thank you so much)


13. **Chapter nine**


'But remember Carter don't let him get away so easily don't forget and don't forgive'

I kept saying to myself as he parked outside my home and started walking towards me.

I was standing at the entrance when he walked up in a white button up a black dress pants and black shoes.


''Hi'' He said smiling showing off his white teeth he had a beautiful smile to be honest.

His lips were a soft shade of pink and his hair was down in a beanie I just wanted to kiss his lips and move my fingers through his hair.....

Carter stop it! You can't do this...

''Hi'' I said back with a small smile and then looking down

''Carter listen to me'' He said raising my head with his middle and index finger.

''I really wanna make things good again between us so please don't be shy'' He told me looking straight at me with  serious expression on his face

Then I did something I regret...

I kissed him.

And of course he kissed back.

He raised me slowly from the ground and has his hands just above my ass.

It was beautiful. It was already dark outside and there were lights everywhere around us and just...


''Omg....'' I said as I let go ''I am so sorry you shouldn't have come I don't know what got to me...'' I said looking at Beau he also looked in shock

''No... it's okay please don't go I actually really needed that...'' He told me

I then smiled at him and he smiled back...

''So what are we now?'' I asked him

''You know what let's not go to fast this time....'' Beau said holding my hand

''I agree let's just wait a little for now'' I said smiling 

''So were still gonna go out for diner?'' He asked me

''Yea of course'' I told him happy

And that was the beginning of a perfect night......

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