Can't Run

''You can't run from everything Carter'' He whispered to me slowly walking past me leaving me there wide eyed alone in the coffee shop with my coffee that was now on the ground. cover made by: exquisiteharry (thank you so much)


8. **Chapter four**


Can't run


''So yeah today's video is gonna be a what to do when you're bored video'' I said smiling into the camera

''Number 1 annoy your room mates'' I said after that a little clip was showed of when Holley was cooking and I kept on saying 'whatcha doin' as I was filming her and she didn't have a clue

''Number 2 do yoga'' Then there was a clip of me failing at doing yoga

''Number 3 realize you suck at doing yoga and buy ben and jerry's and cry yourself to sleep...''

​And so on I finished filming the video and started to edit it on my MacBook Pro

When I was half way there I heard Holley scream from the living room wasn't she just watching tv? Dafuq is going on!?

I grabbed my bat from out of the closet, hey you never know when you need one and ran to the living room

''Holley what is wrong!?'' I screamed while I stood there with my bat in my hand ready to attack a motherfucker 

''She let go!'' ''She holder him but she had to let go!'' Holley said and when I looked at the tv screen she was watching Titanic...

''Holley I thought you were about to get raped or something!'' I screamed at her while laughing

​''Hey! I am on my period I get emotional as hell okay leave me'' She said pouting like a little kid which made me laugh louder

''Well I need to finish editing my video and you need to film one'' I said to her

''Holyshit! Carter films early applause!!!'' Holley screamed

''Shut up be happy I did'' I said to her I always film and edit last minute but that has to change or else I will miss a day and I already had that before a few times to be exact...

''Is Anthony coming over?'' I asked her

''Yeah him Andrea Jenn and Jack are coming'' Holley said

''Let me guess cola night?'' I asked

''Yep'' She said and we both laughed

''Well I guess I have to film again tonight and then that will be up this week so jeey next week I don't have to film a video'' I said doing my little happy dance

''Jeeeeeeeeeeeey'' Holley said with a fake smile on her face and we both started laughing again...

Laughing is a thing we do a lot isn't it....?


''I swear to god if you spray that at me I will slap you'' Jack said

Jenn wanted to prank Jack and spray him with a water bottle and believe me if anything gets in his hair he will be PISSED

''Jack say the magic word'' I said

''What fucking magic word'' He asked ''Bitch I got you if you spray me?'' He said again

''Aw.... boohoo!'' Me and Jenn screamed and we sprayed him and then looked ourselves in the bathroom because if he gets us were dead

''Okay you guess this is the last you will see of me because Jack is gonna kill us'' Jenn said into her camera

''Same for me'' I said

''Well I love you guys and go tweet jack #don'tkilljenn'' Jenn said laughing and so did I

''Hopefully till next week bye guys'' She said

''If you bitches don't get out now I will cut you'' We heard Jack say from outside the bathroom door

''No we don't wanna be cut'' Jenn said

''Okay I won't cut you I will give you pizza if you come out'' Jack said yeah right....

''Let me guess the topping on the pizza will be our blood?'' I asked

''yeP'' Jack said popping the P

''Jack we will give you $20 if you don't cut us'' Jenn said

''Deal'' Jack said

When we came out of the bathroom Holley and Jack stood there and they threw pies at us not like one they both had at least 3 

''Bitches got owned!'' Holley screamed

''Holley were gonna get you'' Jenn said

''And Jack were even'' I said

After that they both ran away and me and Jenn washed off

''Okay me and Holley are gonna get Anthony for her channel'' I said to Jenn

''What are you gonna do?'' She asked

''Were gonna order make someone come over and he's gonna act like a tinder date for Anthony while we hide in the house to make it look like we left'' I explained to her

''OMG genius!'' Jenn screamed ''SHHHHT!'' I said to her

After we got cleaned up well sort of we were still under... We went downstairs and called Steven the guy that is gonna help us with the prank to come over

''He texted he's by the front door'' I whispered to Holley

''Okay I need to go to the toilet Jenn Holley come with me'' I announced and they followed us

''I'm gonna grab something to drink want anything?'' Jack asked Anthony

''No thank I will be here'' Anthony said 

There were secret filming camera's everywhere so we got a lot of footage!

We were watching everything on the computer screen while we were hiding in the bushes behind Jack's house 

''Hey my name is Troy it's great to finally meet you Anthony or what I usually call you hot pants'' Steven said he was using a fake name and me Holley and Jack were laughing our asses off

''Ahm who are you?'' Anthony asked confuted and shocked

''It's me troy aka boo boo bear'' Steven winked at Anthony making us laugh louder

''Ahm okay... I have no fucking idea who dafuq you are'' Anthony said to Steven

''What! It's me Troy from tinder you don't recognize me!?'' He asked Anthony 

''No I am sorry but I am not Anthony'' Anthony said now

''Aw hell no he's gonna act like he isn't him'' Jack said who was sitting next to me

''Okay go hug him and say baby it's alright'' Holley said through a little microphone so he could hear her 

And so he did it went on for a little while and after like 5 minutes we came and told Anthony it was a prank

''I knew it was you bitches'' He said into the camera

''You still love us'' I said to him

''Ahm...'' Anthony said and we all laughed


''I forgot how much fun this was'' Holley said while we both plopped down on the couch

It was a fun night full of pranking recording and food fights...

''Yeah it was but I am really tired, so i'm gonna go to sleep see you in the morning'' I said to Holley getting off of the couch and walking into my bedroom that was across of the living room

''Night'' Holley said turning on the tv


I was laying in bed I couldn't sleep people usually say 'if you can't sleep someone is thinking of you' I never believed it, it doesn't make any sense how would you know if someone was thinking about you!? Well IF someone was thinking of me was it my family on YouTube? My real family back in New York even Beau...? I did saw him yesterday... Or maybe just maybe it was...

Connor Franta.

The 21 year old O2L member who haunted me for what seems like forever now 'the knife went in and out in and out' my thought reminded me... over and over again 

I am done I need to tell them... My friends Anthony, Jack, Jenn, Andrea and all my other close friends they deserve to know the truth... TOMORROW I need to tell them tomorrow call them al up yes I will do that!

Why was I so sure to tell this all now? I don't know it's been killing me from inside maybe this is my minds way of getting it all out... I suppose it is...


(author) people.... THIS IS SCARY AS FUCK! Every time I wanna write something about Connor HE FREAKING TWEETS SOMETHING! I swear! just now he tweeted something AGAIN! It's he knows... *-*


Today is the day I am gonna tell the people I love about my years in pain in depression...

I am not ready to tell this to my audience because first Connor is a YouTuber and his carrier may possibly end after that and second well it may happen again but to him and I don't want that...

''Couldn't sleep last night now could you?'' I heard a voice say when I looked to where that voice came from I saw... Connor? WHAT!

''What the fuck! what are you doing here!'' I screamed I jumped out of bed and got as far away as possible

''If I were you I wouldn't tell them someone will turn against you after that...''He said

''Get the fuck out! How do you know I was gonna tell!?'' I screamed again luckily Holley was a heavy sleeper and with that I mean if you scream right into her ear while she's sleeping she wouldn't move an inch

''Hey hey hey don't scream now well I guess they screamed YOUR NAME!'' He said to me

''Shut up shut up shut up'' I said to him with every word my voice was getting louder 

And when I opened my eyes again he was... gone? It was my imagination? Am I driving insane!?

So am I suppose to tell them now someone will turn against me was what he told me... Well it wouldn't be the first time he lied to me or people would turn against me

I know my friends they wouldn't do it! Why was I even try to consider what he said

Okay I am officially driving insane...

After my little experience I guess you could call it I went to get ready for the day and texted everyone asking them to come over they all agreed happily I don't think I could tell the story twice to be honest...

Holley woke up shortly after I got ready and I explained to her what happened earlier with Connor and that everyone is coming over

She was really understanding about everything that is what I love about her I could tell her a talking unicorn gave me $1.000.000 dollars and then we ate pizza and she wouldn't think i'm weird

Then the doorbell rang meaning someone was here they were hear...

Well they say here goes nothing well...

Here goes everything!






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