You saved me


2. ~*Chapter 2*~


~*Niall's P.O.V.*~


When we got to my dads girlfriends house I was kind of nervous.What if her daughter is a big fan of One Direction? What if she's annoying or snobby? All these questions were going through my head until I saw the door open.My dads girlfriend opened the door.We walked inside and called I guess her daughter.When I saw her walking down the stairs I was speechless she was beautiful!She was wearing a longs sleeves batman shirt (I wonder if she's hot its 85 degrees outside) 

"Hi"she said smiling 

Her smile was the most beautiful smile I have ever seen.

"Hello love" I manage to say 

"Im Lauren" She says shaking my hand

"Niall"I say still holding it 

"Nice to meet you Niall."

"The pleasures mine"I say smiling at her letting go of her hand

I smile and look down.She was so beautiful she's making me blush.

She walks up to my dad and her mom and introduces herself.She is one of the most amazing girls I have ever seen.She has the most beautiful Light Blue eyes and dark brown with turquoise highlights.

I didn't realize i was staring at her until she walked back to me.


"Your really pretty" I saw her face turn red she was blushing.I made her blush.She looked so cute when she blushes.Its a real turn on for me.

Her mom I guess saw and told her to go to her room.Her smile faded and that broke my heart.When she was walking up to her room she managed to say goodbye to me.I wish she would have stayed.


 ~*Authors Note*~

Hope you liked it :)

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