You saved me


1. ~*Chapter 1*~

"Stop" I seem to get the word out of my mouth big mistake

"What did you say you little slut!?"

"I said stop please"

I looked up a the woman in front of me the woman that I once loved that once made me happy were is she!!

"Look you little slut my boyfriend will be here later and he's bringing his son for we can meet him if you mess this up for me you will never see daylight do you hear me?!"

"Yes mam I promise I will behave"

"Good now get dressed hurry!!!"

Scared of what she would do to me I got up and ran to my room I closed the door I went to my closet I got my long sleeved batman shirt to hide my cuts and my black skinny jeans and put them on I put on my black vans.

Oh I forgot to introduce myself my name Lauren.I live with my mom as you can see.My dad died when I was 6,ever since my mom has been very abusive to me.

I heard my mom talking to someone down stairs and then called me.

"Lauren come down stairs please"

"I'm going"

I walked down stairs and saw a very nicer dress boy he looked like my age.He had dirty blonde hair and beautiful ocean blue eyes.


"Hello love"

"I'm Lauren."I said with a smile


"Nice to meet you Niall"

"The pleasure is mine"

He smiled and looked down. I look at my mom who was talking to her boyfriend I guess. I walked up to him.



"I'm Lauren"

"Bobby" I smile

"Nice to meet you"

I looked at Niall he was looking at me weird

"What?" I said looking at him

"Your really pretty"

Now I was getting shy I felt my face get hot I was looking at the ground now ha

"Don't get shy on me now" he smirked

"Lauren go up to your room."

My smile fades and I nod and go upstairs I say bye to Niall and his dad.

Over my shoulder I whisper to Niall "nice to meet you" and walk back upstairs.

I sit on the edge of my bed and think of what just happened.Was he hitting on me no I don't think so I'm to ugly for him anyways he would never be with me. A girl who cuts with a guy who's so cute really!?? How stupid am I?!?



~* Authors note*~

Hey guys Martita here I hope you liked my first movella! Comment if u do please!!!!


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