The Paw Academy

What happens when a girl joins something she hates the most?


7. The Director

“Come on.” I opened the front door to Geoff standing awe struck and chuckled. I stepped down the stairs, continuing until I was stopped “What’re you-.” He placed his paw over my mouth “Uh you guys go ahead; you should see a dark grey dog. We’ll catch up.” He led me to the side of my cabin. He looked around the corner to make sure no one was coming then looked back at me “I wanted to be alone with you.” He sat “It may sound blunt and I know we hardly met. But I feel pulled to you. You may seem weirded out by this but I just wanted to tell you. I like you.” He began to scoot closer to me. “But…” I looked up at him “But?” He looked at me “I’m Geoff by the way but can we be friends?” I blinked staring at him, he wasn’t wrong. I felt it when he opened the door but I didn’t think it came from him but from Blyke. Then again when he came outside. “I know you and Blyke are dating but we can still be friends, can’t we?” My cheeks began to burn turning a bright red. “Blyke and I aren’t dating. But yes, we can be friends, I’d like that very much actually.” He smiled, his eyes brightening. “Hey, were waiting on you two.” Geoff looked at Elaine as I continued to stare at Geoff “Uh.” He stepped back from me. “I uh we’re waiting for you.” I looked at Elaine who was already looking at me “C’mon.” he whispered walking slightly ahead of me. Elaine walked directly next to me “If you and South Carolina did have a thing, it looks like he has some competition.” She laughed as I nudged her “I don’t have a thing with Jo- er South Carolina.” I cleared my throat blushing looking up at Geoff. He was taller than me. “Come on guys! Get the sand out of your tails and let’s go!” A muscular dark male shouted “Alright Michael!” Geoff shouted back. When we caught up with the others we started to head toward the place where the welcoming party was being held for us. Blyke walked in the front with Geoff and another male I’ve never seen before while I walked with Geoff and Elaine. “So Elaine tells me you and South Carolina had a thing.” He chuckled as I looked at him “Nope.” He looked at me, “I wouldn’t have thought he was your type anyway.” I chuckled “I don’t want to make you upset. I shrugged “Well that won’t happen with us.” Geoff looked at me again sighing “I hope so.” We continued until we came to a stone building. “Hey guys! Come on in!” We looked up to see a dark male looking down at us. A door opened and everyone streamed in like mice. The door suddenly closed which made the only available light go out.Music started to play and lights of all colors began to brighten up the room. I smiled as everyone began to dance in their own way. I walked over to a chair and climbed onto it and sat. I usually would dance, but I wasn’t exactly feeling comfortable. I didn’t exactly know everyone. “Aren’t you coming to dance too?” I looked up to see Blyke “Blyke, I would but you know I don’t know everyone here so I’m not really comfortable.” I smiled “Oh yeah, I know but maybe you could take this opportunity to meet people.” He looked back at the group of dogs. “Hey Geoff! Ed! Come over here for a sec!” he shouted over the music before Geoff and a tan male ran in our direction. I smiled as I watched Geoff. “Seraphina since these two are the only ones I trust so far, I guess you could get to know them.” He stepped back “Seraphina and I already met.” He winked at me and I felt my face warm up “Hey Seraphina.” The tan one stepped toward me standing next to Geoff “I’m Ed. You’ll barely see me after today. I’m in the 3rd year squadron. So, the only time off I have is on weekends.” Geoff grunted “Do we have to do what you’re doing in 3 years?” Ed wasn’t able to answer the question being shoved to the side by Ryder throwing him off balance. “Hey what’s your deal?” Geoff demanded rushing to help Ed to his paws; Blyke did the same. I began to climb down from my chair but I was stopped by Ryder who stood in my path. “Hey, remember me?” he snickered “Um.” I tried to step around him but he stepped right back in my path. “It doesn’t matter, what does matter is you being my girl and before you say no think about it.” He chuckled before turning around and walking away rubbing his tail under my chin. I stood there confused trying to figure out what just happened “Are you ok?” Blyke stood next to me watching Ryder walk off. “Yeah.” I said without even thinking “What did he say to you?” I could see Blyke turning his head to look at me from the corner of my eye “He-.” I stopped when a loud crashing sounded from the center of the building. Everyone stopped as the figure pulled itself up. I noticed Geoff, Ed, and Blyke quickly moving to stand in front of me. As the dust cleared around the figure, it looked like a dark phantom. Its eyes pierced blue, from its slender figure it looked like a female. “Cadet Airman Idaho. Report!” Her voice echoed clearly within the building. Ed quickly stepped out from between Geoff and Blyke “Director I-“ He stopped himself as the female who stood looking at him with her piercing blue eyes. “Cadet Idaho. What is this?” She asked with an unreadable expression. “It’s a party ma’am. A welcoming party.” She looked around. “I know what was happening, I mean how did this building get here?” She continued to look around the building “Uh, I built it ma’am.” He continued to stand in the same place still looking as if she was still standing in front of him. “Did South Carolina sign off on this?” She stopped looking back at him “um, no ma’am.” She turned around quickly beginning to walk back toward him “Someone had to sign for it, I surely didn’t.” she stopped looking at him “Who signed for it cadet?” Her voice became more forceful as if she already knew the answer but wanted him to tell her “No one ma’am.” He sighed, she shook her head turning away from him. “Um, ma’am?” She turned to look at Blyke as everyone did along with me “Yes?” She began to walk toward him “I was wondering, how did you find us? I mean we’re almost a mile away.” He had a look of confusion “Well Blyke.” She stopped in front of him “You all might be a mile away but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what’s going on. Like I know you and Ryder had a little quarrel. I wonder why though.” She looked between Geoff and Blyke to look at me “Was it because of her?” She looked me up and down “She’s pretty, no doubt. Maybe he was jealous, probably not used to losing.” She chuckled turning to walk towards Ed. “You are to report to my office.” She said not looking in his direction before walking out the door. Ed sighed “Sorry guys, party’s over. I didn’t think she’d find us. But, welcome to the Paw Academy.” He began to walk out. The rest of us followed nearly bumping into each other.

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