The Paw Academy

What happens when a girl joins something she hates the most?


5. Scared?

“Hey!” The golden male called to the dark male who stopped and turned around to face him. “What’s your problem?” The golden male stepped up to the black male, being the same size as him he didn’t show fear in his yellow eyes. The black male looked as if not caring what would happen next. He glances at me and chuckles. “Oh. Nothing, just having a chat with my girl.” He looked back at the golden male “Your girl?” He growled stepping forward almost touching noses. “You must be mistaking her for someone else. That’s my girl.” The black male just chuckled, stepping back. “I’m not mistaken her.” His tail flicked slightly “Why are you scared?” The golden male had a confused look on his face, looking the black male up and down. The male’s eyes widened “What? Why would I be scared?” The golden one sat looking him up and down. “Well for starters…I know from when I shouted ‘Hey!’ you jumped a bit. Second, your neck fur has risen. Third, your eyes widened when you looked at me. And lastly, I can smell it on you.” The black male growled launching himself at the golden male, who swiftly stepped to the side dodging his attack. I quickly stood up. Not expecting to fail the black male fell to the ground but quickly stood back up. He was about to throw himself again but two muscular males wearing dark grey uniforms stood between them. “Stop!” One of the males shouted before my brother ran over to see what was going on. “Kentucky, report.” He commanded standing beside the black male. “He was attacking another cadet, sir.” The male said without looking away from the black male. “Hm, what’s your name cadet?” The black male looked at him still showing the anger toward the golden male “Ryder.” My brother turned around looking at the golden male “Come here cadet.” The golden male looked at me as he passed by. I didn’t listen to anymore of the conversation as I saw Tucker walking in my direction. “Hey Tucker.” I smiled at him “Hey Seraphina, what happened?” he asked sitting next to me “Oh, uh Ryder was picking a fight.” I chuckled lightly “Who’s Ryder?” Tucker looked at me confused. “The black one.” I pointed “Oh. Let’s go, I think we should get back with the group.” He started to walk away but stopped when he realized I wasn’t following him. “You coming?” I looked back at Tucker “Yeah, I was just thinking.” I stood up catching up to him “About what?” I looked back at the golden male “I feel as if I know him from somewhere but I just can’t figure out where.” He groaned lightly walking away before stopping to make sure I was following. As I caught up he smiled “If you keep smiling like that, I’d think you were Blyke.” Tuckers smile faded “Who? Your boyfriend hmm?” He faced me stopping in his tracks. “I mean me and Blyke were friends when we were pups. He never didn’t smile, unless someone was bullying me. Then he always stood up for me. You could say he was like my bodyguard or my brother.” I sat “Oh.” Tucker continued to walk back without stopping or looking back at me. I started to follow him back when I heard someone calling “Hey! Wait up!” the golden male called running up to me. I turned around to see the golden male. “Did you know that was your brother?” I stopped in my tracks looking around to make sure no one heard him “Sh! Don’t let anyone know.” I whispered to him “Why? What happened between you two?” We continued to walk “I just don’t want anyone to think since he’s my brother, he’ll make it easier on me.” Blyke nodded. We continued to walk until we joined the group “Ok, now that the situation has been handled. “Let’s go see who’ll be roomed together.” He walked toward four building, flicking his tail in the direction he was walking; telling us to follow. “Alright, Tucker and Arlo will be in Cabin One. Ed and Ryder will be in Cabin Four. Geoff will be with Blyke in Cabin Three. And, Elaine will be with…Seraphina…in Cabin Two.” He looked up from the paper and looked at me. He cleared his throat “You all will be given the rest of the day to settle in. We will start tomorrow.” He walked off and into another cabin that was facing in the direction of ours. I began to walk to my cabin I was assigned to.

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