Is this right?

Ally is left when her mom is away for work for 6 months, luckily her best friend Ryleigh is there living with her! There is crazy adventures with these two teens in one empty house. Everything is all fun, but there is just one problem. She may be crushing on her best friend Cody... Ally has a boyfriend.


1. Intro

Hi My name is Ally. Here is just a part of my story. My father died a few years ago in a car accident. It was a very rough night that I was not expecting. He was only in his 40's, so it was so shocking. I never knew anything would happen like that. On the other hand, my mom is a well known actress. She's been in a few movies and is working her way up. This has been pretty tough especially because my mom is going away for 6 months for a role in a new movie. Good thing I have my friends to help me through this pain in the ass time. I am currently 17, a senior in high school. We only have a few more months left of school though, thank goodness! Well I have my best friend since I was 6, Cody. My other best friend is Ryleigh. And of course I have my boyfriend Sam.

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