Is this right?

Ally is left when her mom is away for work for 6 months, luckily her best friend Ryleigh is there living with her! There is crazy adventures with these two teens in one empty house. Everything is all fun, but there is just one problem. She may be crushing on her best friend Cody... Ally has a boyfriend.


12. Help?

~Ally's POV~

We walked into the kitchen where there were rows of different bottles.

"Want me to make you something?"

"Sure" she started to grab multiple bottles and mixing different things in a blender. The rest of us sat and waited at the counter bar. She made us all drinks and we decided to all take a walk outside. This kids house had acres of woods behind it so we thought we'd explore. Not a smart idea being drunk in the woods, but hey, we're dumb! We started for the path leading into the woods.

"Babe I'm scared!" Hannah said as she clung on to her boyfriend Ryan.

"Don't worry it's fine" I really wasn't scared at all, this was all just too exciting. We wandered through paths, drinking, talking, and laughing. Nick almost passed out in the middle of the woods, though some people grabbed him and helped him up. Most people we getting pretty tipsy, even myself. We all were making our way back home with our flashlights on our phones. I'm pretty beat now so I should find Ry and maybe Sam to get back to the house. For hours I was seeing double vision, but I think this made it worse.

"Hey guys I think I see the house lights"

"Okay let's head that way" I don't really remember what happened to our drinks. I'm pretty sure we just threw the glasses after we were done... I don't even know. The woods were pretty quiet and it was awesome having an adventure through there! We found the house and all split up. Jake was passed out on the couch while Ry was talking to some girl.

"Hey we should go home now, it's 4 in the morning..."

"Mmm ok" she mumbled almost too slurred to hear.

"Wait a minute here, I'm going to go find Sam" I could barely even walk straight at this point I was so out of it. I managed to make my way upstairs when I saw Sam closing a door he went out of.

"Hey I've been looking for you Al"

"What were you doing in there? Most importantly, Where have YOU been?"

"Oh Nothing babe, did you want to leave?"

"Not unless you tell me why you were in that bedroom" my voice was getting louder, I don't think I trusted him here at this point. He hesitated answering so before he could do anything I pushed passed him and opened the door. There was, of course, yet another girl he was fucking around with!

"What the fuck Sam! What is this again? See I knew I shouldn't of trusted you!"

"Ally please it's not what it looks like"

"Oh please!" I ran down the stairs and out the door.

"Ally where are you going?!" Ryleigh yelled from across the room.

"What happened?" Dylan asked.

"I don't know she just ran off!"

"This is bad, where do you think she's going?"

"I don't know, where can she possibly go running off into the streets!"

I just ran straight down the street, my head pounding. My heart was also racing so fast, and it didn't help that it felt like I was going to fall on my face every step. I slipped of my wedges and kept running. Oh great, just to add to it, it started pouring rain. I needed to get away from this. What I really need was to go some where safe with some one I could talk to... The only person I could think of was Cody.

~Cody's POV~

I was watching a movie tonight after graduation. After a while, I fell asleep on the couch in the middle. I heard someone at the door bell, what time was it? I looked at my watch and it was 4:37 am. What the? I opened the door, what was Ally doing here? Why was she at my house at 4 in the morning, soaking wet?

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