The Big House

Geoff is a guard of an old friends Manor. His new mate Pinki is one of the maids. Will they make it out alive when one of the other guards turns bad?


6. You are not the father.

He looked up to see Pinki glaring "What the hell is going on? she began to growl "Did I just interrupt something?" Geoff quickly pushed off Angelina "It's not what you think." he looked to her abit scared but didn't keep eye contact. "It's not a big deal, Pinki calm down. Seriously." Pinki turned quickly to Angelina growling, she stepped toward her until she was nearly touching her nose. "It is a big deal if your mate was fucking around with some other bitch. You'd know that if you could keep a mate." she snarled glaring at Angelina. The tan female looked heart broken, Pinki had never gone that far before. Tears began to flow down her delicate face as she ran out of the room, pushing Pinki out of her way. Pinki continued to stand in her place as if waiting for her mate to say something. Geoff just stood looking after Angelina, to afraid to go after her for what Pinki would say or do to him. "Pinki?" he stepped toward her "What?" she still didn't move but her voice sounded scared. "Are you alright?" he continued to step toward her until he was right next to her. When he looked at her she as if she was on the verge of tears. She didn't blink, if she did a tear would fall. Geoff opened his forearms and pulled her closer to his chest. The same thing he did when they were at the academy when Rugby died. Rugby made him promise that he would look after Pinki, but that's not why he married her that was his excuse to be close to her. Truly he always loved her but with Rugby always with her where ever she went he didn't know how to approach her without Rugby interfering. "What's the matter?" Pinki looked up at him and one single tear rolled down her snowy white fur. "I...I just...I don't know how to explain it. I saw you and her on the floor and something just snapped in me." She rested her head on his chest. He looked down at his mate, licking the tip of her ear. "I understand. You're just having mood swings, it's normal." Pinki looked up at Geoff and licked his jaw. "Can you promise me something?" She pulled herself from her mate as he looked down at her "What is it?" She looked at Geoff "I know you know these pups aren't yours." she looked away "Did you um ever find out who it was?" Geoff continued to look at her wondering why she wanted to know who her rapist was. "I haven't found out who it was yet. I've wanted to do a blood test once the pups are born but I didn't know how you felt about it." he continued to look at Pinki. She looked away with a questioning look on her face. "You don't have to do that option, we always have another option." She looked up at him "What's the other option?" He looked back down at her "A fur sample is the only other option." Pinki looked at her swollen belly, pressing her paw lightly on it and sighed "What'll happen after their born? Would we keep them?" Pinki looked up to Geoff who just smiled "I don't know, I think it would be nice to have some more little ones running around the house." Geoff looked down at Pinki who looked up to Geoff with bright eyes, smiling widely.

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