The Big House

Geoff is a guard of an old friends Manor. His new mate Pinki is one of the maids. Will they make it out alive when one of the other guards turns bad?


4. The runt?

Geoff walked around the large building to find Mr. Kandy, he was an all white male. Besides his age he's made movies, played in movies & won 14 gold metals in the canine olympics. On his way to see Mr. Kandy he passed a play room. As he passed he looked inside seeing four pups sitting together talking. On the other side of the room a small tan pup sat alone looking down at the floor with its ears slooped down. He walked into the room and walked toward the pup and noticed it was his daughter Clementine "What's wrong Clem?" he asked as he sat next to her. "It's nothing daddy, I just wanted to be alone for a little while is all." She said not looking up from the floor "No, something happened for you to want to be alone. Now what happened?" he asked this time more stern. "Fine,......Gavin is making fun of me now too." Tears started to run down her cheeks and onto the floor. Geoff looked back seeing the pups burst into laughter, except one. The white pup sat with a look of guilt on his face. Geoff stood up looking toward Gavin but back to Clementine "Stay here, i'll talk to him." he started to walk over but stopped right before going out the door. "Gavin, outside!" he barked walking outside. He stood outside the door waiting for his son to come out. Gavin peered outside the door like a scared pup "Dad?" he called a little scared "Gavin, close the door and sit." Geoff said with a serious look on his face. As Gavin closed the door Geoff started to scold his son "I just don't know what to say to you, teasing your own sister?! And for what? Popularity?....A girl?" he said turning around angry. "You don't understand dad." Gavin said finally not meeting his fathers eyes as he looked back at him. "Understand what? What I do understand is you teasing your sister." He sat peering down at Gavin. "No! You don't understand at all! You don't know how it feels to have to go to the same school as your sister!" Gaving lashed at his father. "But what's wrong with that? What's wrong with your sister going to the same school as you?" he asked "She's a runt dad!" Gavin shouted "The runt of the always the...least popular. No matter how hard they try, the runt will always be an outcast." He sighed Geoff looked as if someone had smacked him. "Is that what you think? All runts are outcast, huh? Well what about me? I was the runt of my litter but I was never an outcast. So I advise you to walk back in there and apologize to your sister." Gavin looked up at Geoff with a look of protest. "Now!" Geoff stamped his paw on the floor. Gavin quickly stood and rushed into the room, Geoff watched from outside.

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