The Big House

Geoff is a guard of an old friends Manor. His new mate Pinki is one of the maids. Will they make it out alive when one of the other guards turns bad?


5. Her Dominance....

"Geoff please report to the please." His walkie-talkie went off. Geoff started to make himself down the hall toward the kitchen. He kept thinking back to Clementine being a runt and never having any friends. "Geoff stop!" Geoff stopped in his tracks as Angelina shouted his name. As he looked for what she was shouting about, he found no words to say. "Now you know why I asked you to come." Geoff looked up to see Jamee and Angelina standing on a counter. Angelina was trembling, not saying anything until it moved. "Ahh, Geoff! Get it out!" she cried Geoff walked toward the small creature slowly trying not to scare it away. The small creature stopped nibbling on its meal to look at Geoff. "Jamee open the door." he said calmly laying in place. Jamee not wanting to get down from the counter reached out for the door handle with her mouth "I can't reach it. Angie hold my tail." As she held out her tail Angelina grabbed it in her mouth. Jamee tried to keep herself from yelping in pain. She got a little extra length, able to reach the door handle but had a little trouble turning it. "Come  on Jamee." Geoff started to become impatient. "I'm trying." she urged gripping the know tighter. She finally turned the knob and as she did Geoff started to rise up to his paws but suddenly, a small  tan pup jumped over him and landed infront of him facing the mouse "Clementine?" she had her tail raised, her neck fur bristling and growled at the mouse with the most intimidating face he had ever seen his daughter have. She barked and the mouse started to run but before the mouse could get far she lept up turning ninety degrees in the air and landed before the mouse. The mouse stopped but soon tried to run around her. She used her tail and pushed the mouse back infront of her. "Uh...Clem?" Geoff watched in astonishment but put his main focus back onto trying to get the mouse out. Clementine  soon stopped keeping the mouse trapped under her claws as she  turned to look at her father with fury in her eyes "What?!" She growled her father looked at her concerned "Are you alright?" She looked down at the mouse under paw, the anger fading. "I'm sorry." she said as she picked up the mouse by the tail and carried it outside. Jamee and Angelina looked after her in astonishment. As Clementine walked back inside she noticed everyone looking at her "Ok, I know I may have gone a bit overboard with the mouse but dad I heard you and gavin talking. The only reason why he said runts are outcasts is because noone gives them a chace to show what they can do. I know what I can and what I can't do. The others at school always think runts can't do anything but i'm going to show them I can." Jamee climbed down from the counter to sit next to Clementine "Well I think you're an extraordinary pup." she rested her paw on the small pups shoulder. She smiled as she stood up to walk out of the kitchen before being stopped by her fathers tail. "Please don't get hurt." he lifted his tail out of the way. Clementine nuzzled her father before troting away. Angelina then lepted down from the counter, running up to geoff hugging him, caught off guard he fell onto his back. Angelina still hugging him wagging her tail. "Thank you so much!" Geoff smiled "I didnt do anyth-." he stopped hearing a tapping sound against the floor, Geoff heart dropped. 'Crap!' he thought to himself

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