Make it happen

This will be about a high school experience


2. the nerves

Teacher: ok ladies and gentleman please find a place to sit quickly, these will be permanent for the semester.

Luke looks at me and signals me over to come sit by him. As I walked over to Luke I couldn't keep my eyes off of his loving smile.

Teacher: ok there will be no flirting in my class, now please take a seat class is about to start.

I sit down and start blushing of embarrassment because the whole class was laughing including Luke. I punched in the shoulder

"It's not funny." I proclaimed putting my head down on the desk.

Next was lunch


We sat with my friends Luke next to me, Ashley in front of me trying to figure where she knows his face from. I told her to come with me to tel her that he was her favorite person from 5sos. When I told her she started to scream. After her scream we saw Luke run towards us and ask if I'm okay. I told him yea I'm fine but then he looked at Ashley and she looked like she was a creeper. He asked me what's wrong with her I said " well you are her idol from 5sos" he understood. I whispered to him to give her a hug when he did her face lit up with joy.

It's the end of the day and me and Luke get his security guard to get our phones he did. Luke asked if I wanted to ride with him I texted my mom. She said sure so I went with him and we became best friends I met the band he is in and they all hugged me and I looked at Luke he looked a little jealous. So I walked up to him and kissed his cheek he turned bright red. Ashton pulled me by him and told me Luke really likes me. I walked up to Luke and asked if he wanted to go to the movies with me. Yes yes yes is his answer I walked to Ashton and he looked amazed that I asked a pop star to go on a date. He asked me why I didn't wait for Luke to ask but I just told him that could have taken awhile.

Lukes Pov

When Tricia asked me on a date I just said the first three things that popped into my head. I told her yes yes yes. I was kinda glad she asked me cause I would have wimped out and make Ashton ask her for me. He told me Tricia was the most beautiful girl he has ever seen and to text her what she thinks of him. I did she replied he would be perfect for her best friend Ashley. I told her to send a pic of her so the boys could see. When I got the picture Michael saw her and said OMG Luke can u get that beautiful girl to come to practice with Tricia. I asked Michael why he said that he responded by telling me every detail about Ashley that he could see.
 *The Next Day*

When Tricia and Ashley got to rehearsal. I looked over to Michael to see his mouth open almost drooling. I asked him if he needed a minute cause I knew I did cause Tricia was wearing a crop top that was blue with lips on it and short shorts. Ashley was wearing almost the exact outfit. I went up to Tricia and asked her where we were going on our date. She said " You will see." I was about to ask Ashley what Tricia was planning ,but I didn't cause I saw Ashley near the wall with Michael in front of her with his arm touching the wall like he was flirting. YASS Michael I screamed and I looked back at him to see him red as a balloon. I then saw Tricia walk in to the room with Ashton and Calum it was weird the way Calum was looking at her it was like he was gonna try to steal her from me. I went up to them and went up to Tricia and kissed her hard as if I would never kiss her again when I stopped she just took out her phone and played the song Calum wrote Kiss me Kiss me I could understand what she wanted soo. I went over to the wall just like how Michael was with Ashley except I did what he would have never done I kissed Tricia and after about 6 minutes we stopped. I looked around to see the band and Ashley all staring at me and Tricia I was turning red but I saw Tricia smiling. It was time to go cause rehearsal was done I walked Tricia and Ashley to the car and I knew Tricia  wasn't driving. I asked her if she wanted me to drive her home she told me that Ashley was staying at her house so I had to let Tricia go with Ashley but  I would see her on Monday.   



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