Make it happen

This will be about a high school experience


1. The First Day

The first day. A horror no kid likes to think about. Who was I going to meet?, Who's gonna be an old friend. So I walked straight threw the doors of my new school aka high school. I went to my locker and there he was my summer crush from the band 5sos. He looked at me and locked our eyes together. I walked up and awkwardly said hi. Of course he said hi back. I asked if he needed help with his locker he said "yea" so I did. When I looked back he was staring at me. I asked him why? He just smiled and started to blush. So I walked away. I felt a arm grab my hand it was Luke. I stopped and he said " I need help to my classes?" Of course I said sure but came to realize he was in all my classes. So I just told him to follow me to my classes. As I got to my first class I saw my best friend Ashley I ran up to her and gave her a hug since we were in the same class I had to tell her who else was in our class. I told her about who I met in the hall she almost burst into a scream. I saw Luke look for a seat but since nobody could recognize him soo I waved him over by me and ash I told ash to stay calm. Hi she said awkwardly to Luke he said hey what's    up with your friend Tricia he said winking at me then biting his lip since the teacher wasn't looking I kissed him on the lips he was surprised that I did it but hey can you blame me its Luke hemmings. After my kiss with Luke he asked to kiss me again I said in the hall we can or when the teacher isn't looking he said okay but I could tell he wanted to kiss me now because of his lips and eyes he was looking me up and down and whispered I think you are the most beautiful girl I  have ever met. I whispered that I have always thought he was the most hottest guy I have ever   met even though I met him last year at his concert with 5sos. I love your band I told him while I winked and bit my lip. Hey don't be messin with me like that. I burst into laughter and the teacher yelled at me for laughing which made me laugh even more than I was before. The teacher finally just told us to go out in the hall. I told him he would regret making me and Luke go out in the hall. When we got out there he was biting his lip and looking me up and down. I asked him "what's up" he told me in the hall we would redeem our kiss" we did and it was passionate, great and his tongue met mine.

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