Am I Wrong?

Lacy is just a normal fan of Cameron Dallas. She's like every other fan until one day wins #facetimemecam and it changes everything for her!


2. The FaceTime

The next day

Lacy's POV

I drove to my school and then walked in and saw my bestfriend Lexa. I ran up to her and hugged her and she said,"Hey Lace!" We then both laughed for no reason. "Today's the day!!!" I said. "What? Oh wait. The stupid FaceTime thing with Cameron Dallas. Look you'll never get it k? Millions of girls are doing it tonight and I doubt he'll choose you." She said. I rolled my eyes and said,"But today I feel my luck getting strong!" "You say that every Wednesday." She said. Then we both laughed. "C'mon let's get to class." I said. We both walked into our first period class and sat at our normal seats. Lexa is really pretty. She has straight long blond hair with cat green eyes and her teeth are brighter than my future. After passing notes all through first period we went to 2nd then after that the day went by pretty quick. After the dismissal bell ran I rushed out and said,"Gotta go Lexa. Cameron is FaceTimeing in 30 minutes!" I ran out of the school and into my car and sped home. I ran inside up to my room and waited. Then once I saw fans hashtagging facetimemecam I started it too. I was at 320 just waiting and then it happened. I got a notification and it said Cameron Dallas followed me. It felt like a dream. I got up and ran to the bathroom and threw up. This is too much for me. I got all dizzy but managed to dm him my number. I just sat there in shock. All of a sudden my phone started buzzing. I looked at it and it was a FaceTime and it said no caller id. This is it. I pressed answer and it said connecting. All of a sudden I saw his face and screamed. "CAMERON!!!" I screeched. "Hey beautiful." He said smiling. "This is not happening it feels like a dream!!!" I said. "It's not a dream sweetheart." He said. I started to hyperventilate a bit and he said,"Are you ok??? Breath." I took a deep breath and he said,"What's your name?" "L-Lacy." I said. "That's a pretty name." He said. "Thanks." I said smiling. We talked for a long while and then he said,"Hey how about we meet up sometime." My eyes widened and I said,"Y-Yes!!!" He gave me his number so we can talk later and then we took a screenshot and we said bye and hung up. I just sat there for a second and then ran downstairs and yelled,"CAMERON DALLAS FACETIMED ME!!!!" "Shut up!!!" My older brother Derek said. "NO!!!" I yelled. I'm so happy!!!

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