Am I Wrong?

Lacy is just a normal fan of Cameron Dallas. She's like every other fan until one day wins #facetimemecam and it changes everything for her!


1. About Lacy

"Lacy! Derek! Violet! Sam! Dinner's ready!!!" Their mom called from downstairs. Lacy, Derek, Violet, and Sam are all siblings. They all came rushing downstairs and got their food and sat at the dinner table. Lacy was on her phone and didn't even look up. "Um, Lace. Put your phone away." Her mom said. "Mom, I can't! Carter and Cameron are having an argument on twitter. I can't miss this." Then she looked down at her phone again and kept scrolling and gasping. Everyone rolled their eyes. Lacey's pretty normal. She goes to public school, has a best friend, lives in a big 3 story house, her dad's job gives them enough money to get groceries every week, she's not rich but not poor, she has long brown curly hair and bright blue eyes, she's skinny and wears size 0 in jeans and Xs in the junior section, she does cheer, there's just one tiny tiny tiny thing that might not be normal. She's obsessed with a guy who doesn't even know her. Cameron Dallas. Ever Wednesday she tries to get a FaceTime from him but never any luck.

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