my best friends a vampire

Ari is a normal teen girl. she has a great best friend and he's got her back... or does he? Ari cant help but notice that Resse is acting strange lately. Is it her or could Resse be a vampire?


18. What if


  This version of Resse is terrible. He's cold towards anyone and everyone who speaks to him. Chase came in and told us Ari had kissed him. "She's going through a crises. She needs to feel some kind of love." Kristy said, without looking up form her magazine. "Well the problem is that she seemed really into it. It's freaking me out." I went up to see what was going on for myself. But before I did Resse had something to add. "Who cares," He said in a monotone voice. "Seriously. Let her fall. It'd probably make all of our lives easier." All said while staring at the T.V. "Shut up boring Resse!" I shouted. "We all know that our old Resse would never say anything like that about his best friend and possible girlfriend!" And I slammed the door on all of them. 

   I'd tied my long brown hair up into a pony tail so it wouldn't get caught. "Hi Ari. Are you okay?" She looked up, eyes puffy and red. "Do I look okay?!" She asked sourly. I crinkled my nose. "Sorry I don't mean to be short with you." I nodded. "Have you seen anyway to get Resse back to normal?" she asked, hope filled her eyes. I shook my head. "It's all fuzzy. He really is still in there, Ari. I can feel him. We all can. You'd have to be a vampire to understand." I patted her back. He eyes hazel brightened. "What if I kissed him. Or something like that." She muttered. "That's IT!" I think. "Ari your absolutely right! That could be just what Resse needs! A little refresher." Her smile brightened. "Well what are we waiting for?" She squealed. "I think your getting ahead of yourself. We need a plan." She looked confused. "How do we do this right? Get his brain and his love to return? Hmm..." 

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