my best friends a vampire

Ari is a normal teen girl. she has a great best friend and he's got her back... or does he? Ari cant help but notice that Resse is acting strange lately. Is it her or could Resse be a vampire?


16. Erasing love


    Resse ran off into the woods like a maniac. "Stop!" I scream to him."Please! I love you." My voice cracked. Rose held me from following him. Chase looked me in the eyes and I fell limp. "let me.... get him... please." I breathed. No one spoke. I felt drowsy, but before I passed out I screamed, "RESSE!" Then I fell.


    The wind whipped my face, stinging. "RESSE!" I won't turn around. I realized why they created the law. It was either to protect her or to make sure the vampires a heartless killer. But I won't turn around. This is how I will protect her. I need to keep her out of my world. I had a moment of weakness, but now it's over. I won't love her anymore. I'll turn that emotion off. But I know I can't. Alone that is. I have an old friend that can help. One that will remove the emotion "love". Make me the man I once was. That's where I'm going. To my old friend Magdillon.

    Her house was in the basement of an abandoned hotel. The walls were draped in red and black cloth. "Hello Resse. I've been expecting you." The Witch, Magdillon, spun to meet my gaze. Her long purplish hair was tied up in a messy bun. Her grey eyes stared, unseeing, for she is blind. "How are you fair Magdillon?" She smiled. "Call me Maggie, Resse. I'm only four hundred and nineteen for screaming out loud!" Friendly, as always. "I've come to ask you for something." She became serious. "Yes?" She folded her hands in her lap. "Will you please take away love?!" She looked shocked. "Why!?! Why would you EVER want that?!?!" I glared. "I just don't want to feel it anymore. So please take it away." She wrinkled her nose. "Are you sure?" I nodded. Maggie began to whisper some ancient words. One ring began to spin around me. It split into three, a blue, a green, and a purple. The blue and purple vaporized. now I felt nothing towards Ari. She could die for all I cared.


     I was very worried. Resse hadn't returned. "Do you think he's okay?" I asked Rose. She nodded, but I could tell she was lying. That's when the swung open. "Resse!" I screeched. I ran to hug him, but he dodged me. "Not now Ari." His voice was monotone, emotionless. "Resse?" I asked meekly. "Go away." He glared. "Get out of here. I don't want you here." I was frozen. "You don't.... want me?" He nodded once. And I ran. Past him, past everyone. And up to the top of the apartment building. I sat on the edge of the building and cried. Surprisingly, no one noticed. I just wanted it to be over.

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