Cutting Hurts Babe

Book 1
Isabella used to be the most happiest girl ever until she started to get picked on by everybody about her self harming and having an eating disorder. Everybody makes fun of her so she starts to get bad depression and self harm. What happens when Harry, his friends, Isabella's friends, and her older sister try and help her. will it be too late?

Cover by: Qveendom
Trailer by: .δεπιαll.☹.☹

© Copyright 2014 HarrehXOXOStyles. All rights reserved


27. Welcome to the family Part 1

Harry Pov

When Belle grabs her jacket she then gets settled into the car. Before strapping herself in, I grab her face. I bring her face closer, so were inches away from each other. She smiles at me and I smile back at her. I give her a light peck before letting her go.

“You have a meeting in about 10 minutes, and I have to be at work” She smirked at me

“I know! I maybe late because i’m walking you inside”

“No, just drop me off, then leave”  

“Alright, but I will pick you up when you get off” I say looking at her  


I pull out of the driveway taping my hands on the steering wheel to the music that's playing. I look over and glance over at belle. I go back to pay attention to the road.

"Want to visit mum today?"  

"Sure what time?"

"How about after you get off. I can come get you then take you to the flat to get changed, then we can leave.”

“I love that idea” she said looking at me

After, she stopped talking everything got quiet. It wasn’t an awkward silence it was comfortable. I turned into the parking lot, driving up to the building. Belle unlocked the door, grabbing her things and shutting the door. I get out and tug on her cardigan a little. She looks confused and turns around. I’m met to see her beautiful blue eyes.

“Harry, i’m going to be late if I don’t get going”

“I just wanted to say bye” I look at her

“Goodbye Har”

I cut her off by kissing her. When we pull away she looks at me and smiles a little.

“I have to go now” She says back   

“Ok” I whisper back

Once she’s in the building I walk back to my car getting inside to get warm. I drive off towards the highway heading to the interview. Once when I get to the place I get out walking to the door.

“Harry over here”

“Is it true you’re cheating on Payton?”

I ignore all the questions that are being said. Once I get inside i’m met with 4 smiling lads. I look at them wondering why there all smiley.

“What’s up” I say

“Nothing” They all say smiling

“Ok, where’s Zayn”

“About that… later on we have a dinner with Simon and Zayn”

“You’re up next lads” The producer says

We all nod as we go to hair and clothes. Lou starts fixing up my hair as the other lads go and get dressed. I sit there scrolling on my phone.

“Who you texting?” Lou says smiling

“Nobody” I say quickly

“Sure, anyways what’s going on with you and Belle?”

“It’s pretty complicated! we live together, sleep in the same bed, we share everything like we’re together” I say laughing

“Harry it’s not complicated if you’re kissing her”

“Wait what, how do you know that?”

“It’s everywhere Harry. You kissed her today before coming here. What are you going to tell everybody Payton?”

“Fucking paps. I’m just going to end all of this. They want the truth, they will get the truth” I say

I get up from the chair getting my clothes on. I check my phone before the producer calls us on stage.  When the camera starts rolling the crowd cheers.

“Today we’re here with One Direction. We have an interview with an a surprise at the end. You don’t want to miss it.”

“So what does it feel like to just gotten off tour?”

“It feels great! We love our fans so much, and we wouldn’t change these past five years. It’s just nice to just record and be home with our families.” Liam says

“Speaking of families, it looks like Harry has a new member of his family”

Everybody looks at me for an answer. I smile and nod. Everybody gasps before looking at me.

“Her name is Isabella. We’ve known each other, but then we lost contact. We now live together as close friends. She’s amazing and I want everyone to know how much she means to me” I say into the camera

All the fans awed and one person’s question stood out to me

“What happened to Payton?”

“Me and Payton didn’t work out. We are too different people. I wish her the best and we are still friends.” I say to the girl that asked

We have one more question and it’s regarding Zayn. The lads and I looked nervous.

“Why isn’t he here today, and why hasn’t he been at rehearsals?”

Niall and Louis talked while me and Liam  just sat back.

“Zayn doesn’t feel great right now, he’s been under the weather.” Louis says

“He really wishes he could be here right now. He wrote something for you guys” Niall says

Some fans started crying and tearing up. I wonder what that letter was about. I look over at Liam and he just shrugs his shoulders.

“Before we go there is a surprise for everybody that’s here. You all get the new perfume from the boys”

Everybody started screaming. We all smiled as the camera stopped rolling. I shook hands with producer and everybody before leaving. When I get to the front door i’m stopped by Paul and the boys.

“You guys can’t leave yet, there’s so much fans. We have to wait for more bodyguards.”

I check my phone looking for a reply. I text Simon letting him know I can’t make it to the dinner. My phone rings twice before I answer.

“Harry why can’t you make it to the dinner?” Simon says

“I already have plans with my mum. We we’re going to have dinner with Isabella”

“Can we all just have dinner at Anne’s?” Simon says

“That’ll be fine, I’ll be sure to tell her.”

“Thanks” Simon says

“Welcome” I say as I hang up.

When Paul says that the bodyguards are here we all walk outside. I say bye to the lads since we’ll be seeing each other later. I get inside the car driving off to get Belle. When I get to the building I get out walking inside the building. I’m met to warm air once I get inside. I go to the receptionist. She giggles at me as she flicks her hair.

“Can I help you?” She says

“I’m here to see Isabella Hunter”

Her face dropped.  

“The top 12th floor”

I noded before walking to the elevator. Once when I walk out the elevator I see brunette curls. I smile and walk behind her. I wrap my hands around her waist. She squirms and turns in my arms.


“Bloody hell! Don’t do that, you scared me” She says hitting my chest”

I smirk at her. Before pecking her cheek. She blushed at me before walking to her office. I just follow her.

“What are you doing here?”

“Coming to pick you up. Did you watch the interview today?”

“No i’m sorry. I didn’t mean to forget” She furrowed her eyebrows as she went her papers on her desk

“No worries we can watch it later tonight”


She gets up from her chair grabbing her laptop and notebooks. I take her by surprise my grabbing her bag and taking her hand. She pulls her keys out and lock her door. Her boss waves goodbye to the both of us. When we get in the elevator she takes off her heels and puts on her flats. I laugh at her as she smirks at me.

“What!?” She laughs at me

“Nothing you’re just cute”

“How so?”

“You just so short and little. You’re this little ball of fire that tries to do a lot of things”

“Aw, thanks Harry” She blushing

We step out the elevator out together. We walk outside to the car. Belle put all her things in the backseat before jumping in the car.

“I forgot to mention that Simon, and the lads are coming over for dinner. He said it’s important. Is that fine?”

“You don’t have to ask. It’s fine with me. I can’t wait to Anne. I’m a little nervous to meet your sister”

I chuckle at her.

Isabella Pov

I’m a little nervous to meet Harry’s sister. It’s had me at thought all day. I look over and smiled at Harry before looking back out the window.

“Gem, will love you. Mum already fell head over heels about you, and so will Gemma”

I just smile at him.


“Anytime love”

We arrive at the flat in about five minutes. We both get out and start to head inside. I grab all my bags and stuff before following after him. I wait for Harry to unlock the door. Once, it’s open I walk into the office putting all my stuff down.

“I’ll be in here if you need me.” I say

“Ok, let me know when you’re out”

I jump in the shower, washing myself up. I waste no time getting out and plugging up the flat irons. I go into the room grabbing some undergarments, a cardigan, and a long sleeve black dress. Once I’m dressed I go into the bathroom and get started on hair and makeup. I hear footsteps as I turn off the lights and grab my shoes.

“You look so pretty. You know that? You look even prettier without all this makeup on” He says

I just blush

“Thanks” I say smiling

“You already to go?”

“Yeah, let me grab my shoes and jacket, then we can go?”

“Take your time” He says

When I grab my shoes and cardigan. We get in the car.

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